If you’re looking for a bit of spice to add to the bedroom, we highly recommend one of our couples sex toys. 

Sex is all about having fun and doing what feels pleasurable. Toys aren’t just for children. Adults can have fun with them too. 

Couples toys are perfect for married couples, friends with benefits, or one night stands. Try something new and liven your sex life with a toy that involves two people… or more. 

At Wild Fantasy, our range of couples sex toys includes bondage, dice games, remote controls, candles and many more tempting items. Take your time to look at what’s available and find the right toys to add to (or start) your collection. 

Why Would You Use Sex Toys With Your Partner?

There’s nothing wrong with bringing a couple's toy to the bedroom. Sex toys add a hint of something new and exciting. Many individuals are unable to find release through sex alone. Adding a couples sex toy to the experience brings a bit of lightness and fun. A couples sex toy is designed to give everyone pleasure, whether through control or experiencing the sensations. 

With different brands and types available, we know you will find the perfect couples toy you both can enjoy. Take your time to read through the product descriptions and decide on a toy together. 


Our Top 10 Couples Sex Toys

When there are a lot of choices available, it can be difficult to make a decision. At Wild Fantasy, we source the best sex toys for couples from Australia’s leading suppliers. Whether you’re after some light play, a little bondage, or a toy to add to your collection, here are our top 10 sex toys for couples. 



Satisfyer Endless Fun Couples Vibrator

This is the perfect addition to any sexual activity you have planned. The Satisfyer Endless Fun Couples Vibrator has a 180o rotating head that can be used in numerous positions. With 3 high powered motors, you both can enjoy endless fun. 




Lovetoy Power Clit Vibrating Thriller Cockring

You can both get pleasure from this toy. The Lovetoy Power Clit Vibrating Thriller Cockring wraps around his shaft and has bunny ears that stimulate her clit. With the push of a button, you can both enjoy strong vibrations. 




Easy Toys Fetish Collection Beginners Bondage Fantasy Kit

It’s time for a little bondage fun for beginners. Try this completely adjustable set that makes your skin more sensitive. Give control to your partner and have fun with this faux leather set. 




Exotiq Massage Candle 200g

Bring a little relaxation and fun to the beginning of your playtime. Start by burning this candle for 15-20 minutes and carefully massage the oil onto your partner's body. It’s a sensual experience you both will enjoy. 




Rocks Off Cocktail Dual Vibrating Stimulator

This is a luxurious way to try something new. The Rocks Off Cocktail Dual Vibrating Stimulator is a vibrating anal plug that also stimulates her vagina. Let your partner control your pleasure with remote control. 




Hueman Intergalactic Anal Plug Vibrator With Remote

The Hueman Intergalactic Anal Plug Vibrator With Remote is perfect for him or her. Simply insert the shaft and let your partner control the vibrations. It’s a fun experience you both can enjoy. 




B-Swish Bnaughty Deluxe Unleashed Bullet Vibrator

Ladies can enjoy the targeted precision of a bullet vibrator, and their partners can control the vibrations. Pick your favourite colour and let the fun time begin. 




Satisfyer Signet Ring Vibrating Cockring

The Satisfyer Signet Ring Vibrating Cockring is made for couples. You can restrict his blood flow and stimulate her clitoris at the same time. Control the vibrations with the Satisfyer Connect App and have a fantastic play session filled with pleasure. 




Strap U Evoke Strapless Strap On

Pick your favourite colour and enjoy fantastic penetrating vibrations. The Strap U Evoke Strapless Strap On is designed for comfort and is easy to use. You and your partner can enjoy deep and stimulating sensations. 




Lovetoy Fetish Pleasure Fluffy Hand Cuffs

Introduce a bit of light bondage to your play sessions. Let your partner take control and enjoy sex with a little restraint. The Lovetoy Fetish Pleasure Fluffy Hand Cuffs have thick fur, quick release and sturdy chain.  




Perfect Fit The Kiss-X Couples Toy

Perfect Fit The Kiss-X Couples Toy

The Kiss-X™ FTM (Female to Male) clitoral stimulator is basically a tighter version of the Buck-Off™, but with a smaller hole for people with smaller parts. The KISS-X is an addition to the Buck-Off FTM stoker lineup. The Buck-Off was designed specifically for transmen well into transition. After surveying a group of buyers of the Buck-Off, they had a common request – “can you make one for the transman not in medical transition or who may be early on in their HRT?” They said: Of course!

What Should Couples Keep In Mind When Shopping For Sex Toys?

Everybody has different preferences for couples sex toys or sex toys in general. When buying couples sex toys, it’s important to keep that distinction in mind. What might work for one person may not be the case for another. Before you get too concerned about the different types of sex toys for couples, we have some useful tips for you. 

  • Ask for consent. Find out whether or not your partner will be interested in purchasing sex toys. Every sex toy is different, so ask your partner if they would be interested. Don’t purchase an item expecting them to be okay with it. Making assumptions can make people uncomfortable, so double check they approve of the toy. 
  • Have open communication. The reason why most couples purchase sex toys is to add a little fun to their bedroom activities. Be completely open with each other as you look for new toys. The idea is to find something you both will enjoy. Go through different options decide on a product you both agree with. It might not be the first option, but you will find something. 
  • Don’t forget condoms and lube. It might not seem like an important thing to include, but many couples sex toys require lube for easy insertion and condoms for protection. Take a moment before checking out to see if you need to refill your supplies. 

Looking for sex toys doesn’t need to be stressful. Keep the experience light hearted and enjoy spending time together looking at couples toys. 

Why Should You Buy Couples Sex Toys From Wild Fantasy? 

Sex doesn’t have to be a chore. It can be fun, sensual and pleasurable. At Wild Fantasy, we provide you with the tools needed to make sex enjoyable. Our sex toys for couples come from Australia’s leading suppliers, and we are continuously adding new products to our collections. Open new doors and try something new with some couples sex toys from Wild Fantasy.