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Looking for your next best sex product? Discover the most elegant form of dildo pleasures by exploring our delicate range of Glass Dildos, available in sensual designs and compact sizes!

Whether you’re a rookie or a pro at using a Glass Dildo, there’s something for every one of you. Find the perfect Glass Dildo for your requirements and get it delivered to your doorsteps with Wild Fantasy’s Discreet Delivery services!

You’re just a hop, skip and a dildo away from your torrential orgasms!


What is a Glass Dildo?

Glass Dildos are the classiest and the safest form of sex toy you can find in the market today. While this might not be for everyone, this sexy range of sex toys is durable, extremely smooth and cool on the skin! 

How to Use a Glass Dildo?

Just like every other dildo, a Glass Dildo can be used to satisfy all your versatile sexual fantasies. It works like magic both for vaginal penetration and anal penetration! Your G-spots and P-spots would be screaming in glee. And Glass Dildos can also be used to practise your oral stimulation if you are just entering this field of pleasure!  We also suggest you pair your Glass Dildo with a suitable lubricant (preferably water-based), during vaginal or anal stimulations!

What are the best Glass Dildos for beginners?

If you are new to the world of Glass Dildos, we suggest that you start simple! Look for a versatile Glass Dildos that can support you in anal and vaginal play. Opt for a slightly curved Glass Dildos to slither through your anus and vagina comfortably. Choose cleaner textures and designs like beads or smaller bulbous dildos that can both slide in and out of you while enhancing your sensations with the added curvatures. After lubing, Glass Dildos can be a little slippery. Invest in a longer glass dildo (between 6 – 7 inches in length) with a bulbous or protruding base to hold on to. This wil act as a safety lock during penetration!                        

Are glass dildos safe? 

Absolutely! A Glass Dildo is non porous and doesn’t hold on to bacteria. Their smooth and sturdy exterior makes it easy to clean. Therefore, Glass Dildo users do not have to worry about hygiene. Instead, let the Glass Dildo take away any possible worries in you!

How do you keep your Glass Dildo Clean?

Clean your Glass Dildo without any trouble using these 5 simple steps:

  1. Dip your Glass Dildo in lukewarm water and soak it in completely.
  2. Using some antibacterial soap, lather your Glass Dildo covering the entire surface and any possible cervices! ·       
  3. Rinse off all the soap with lukewarm water.
  4. Spray some of your favourite sex toy cleansing disinfectant/sanitiser for the additional sparkle.
  5. Air dry your Glass Dildo completely and store it away from dust and direct sunlight!

Tips for ordering Glass Dildo online?

Ordering your Glass Dildo from Wild Fantasy is quicker and easier than ever! Head over to the Glass Dildos page under the Dildos tab to find all our classiest Glass Dildos listed for you to pick. Follow the following steps to place your order:

  • Find the perfect Glass Dildo that aligns with your body’s requirements.
  • Add your Glass Dildo to your shopping cart by clicking the ‘Add to Cart’ option.
  • Go to your Shopping cart page and correctly enter your delivery information to get your Glass Dildo delivered right to your doorsteps. 
  • Once everything is included, click ‘Check out’. 
  • Enter your contact details and your purchasing card details. Recheck crucial information that may affect your delivery (delivery date, address, contact number). 
  • Once you are confident, hit ‘Pay Now’! Wait for your sexy package to arrive at your doorstep soon!


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