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Add a little laughter with some novelty dildos. They are the perfect toy for you and your partner to enjoy. But it doesn’t have to stop just there. If there is a birthday coming up, or a special occasion, you can even give a novelty dildo as a gift. They are the perfect gift for sharing laughter and enjoyment. At Wild Fantasy, we source all our products from Australia’s leading sex toy brands. Buy the best novelty dildos in Australia from our collection.

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Have you considered buying a novelty dildo?

Novelty dildos are the perfect toy for bringing a smile to your face. Whether they are for you, your partner, or a friend, everyone will enjoy it. Bring a little steam, spice and laughter to your next playtime. It’s time to be creative and try something new. At Wild Fantasy, we might not have many products in our Novelty Dildo collection currently, but we will continue to add new products. Find the ideal novelty toy for you from our selection of novelty dildos. 


What is a novelty dildo?

If you want to bring a little fun to your playtime, a novelty dildo is perfect for you. While some novelty dildos are for novelty purposes only, others can be used to bring you hours of entertainment. All novelty dildos are different so read the descriptions before purchasing. 

How do you use novelty dildos?

Currently, the only novelty dildos available are from our Clone A Willy brand. They all follow the same instructions located in our descriptions and with their packaging. We highly recommend reading all the instructions before cloning your willy. 

How do novelty dildos work?

Novelty dildos are all different. Currently, the only novelty dildos available at Wild Fantasy are from our Clone A Willy brand. Our Clone A Willy dildos all come with the option to include a vibrator. Once your dildo has set, turn on the vibrator and follow your instincts. 


What’s the best novelty dildo for beginners?

All our novelty dildos are perfect for beginners. The selection available will bring a smile and a laugh to your bedroom. Not every sexual activity needs to be serious. If you’re new to sex toys and are after a fun, enjoyable time for you and your partner, our novelty dildos were designed for you. 

What are the best selling novelty dildos in Australia?

We all enjoy having a little fun and bringing a little laughter to the bedroom. Novelty dildos are perfect for doing just that. If you’re looking for a fabulous novelty dildo for yourself or someone else, here are some of our best selling products. 

Clone A Willy Plus Balls Kit Vibrating Dildo. Why stop with just the shaft? Add the balls too. Make a realistic dildo of your partner’s penis and add a vibrating unit. It’s a fun activity you and your partner can enjoy. 

Clone A Willy’s Glow In The Dark Vibrating Dildo. We all know homemade items are the best. And that doesn’t exclude sex toys. Make your toy different and buy one that glows in the dark. Create your own sex toys at home and have a few laughs along the way. 

Clone A Willy Vibrating Dildo. Pick your favourite colour and let the fun begin. Our Clone A Willy Vibrating Dildos come in a range of colours. Replicate your partner’s penis and add a vibrating unit. You and your partner can share a few laughs while you make a dildo together. 


What are the benefits of novelty dildos?

Novelty dildos bring laughter and fun to the bedroom. They are perfect for lightening the mood and making your playtimes less serious. If you’re after a bit of laughter and enjoyment, these are the ideal toys for you and your partner. You might not want to use them all the time, but every now and then, they will make sex fun. 

What’s the difference between a normal dildo and a novelty dildo?

While a normal dildo will do exactly as intended and are used solely for pleasure, a novelty dildo will bring a smile to your lips. They are fantastic toys for adding a little laughter and fun to your sexual activities. Have a look at our products and find the right novelty dildo for you. 

Tips for ordering novelty dildos online?

Ordering a novelty dildo is just like any other online purchase. We highly recommend our customers read all the available information detailed in our product descriptions. From care instructions to dimensions, all the specifications you need are highlighted and explained. 

Why is Wild Fantasy the best for buying body safe novelty dildos?

At Wild Fantasy, there’s no need for you to leave the comforts of your home. Our shop is solely online, and your order is delivered to your doorstep in discreet packaging. Lose the embarrassment of shopping in store and find all your new favourite toys online. Although our collection is still growing, we know you’ll find your ideal novelty dildos at Wild Fantasy.



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