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Help enlarge and harden your penis with a penis pump. At Wild Fantasy, we have a fabulous collection of penis pumps for you to choose from. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, take your time to look through our options and purchase the best penis pumps for you. 

With a range of different options for you to choose from, at Wild Fantasy, we have a penis pump for almost every size. All our penis pumps come with a range of features and additions we know you will enjoy. Check out the different options and buy one of the best penis pumps in Australia.

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At Wild Fantasy, we have a range of penis pumps available. Whether you’re looking for a beginner's pump or a different type, we have a stunning selection for you to choose from. With different sizes and features, we know we have the perfect choice for you. Take your time to look at each option and buy one of the best penis pumps in Australia at Wild Fantasy. 

What is a penis pump?

A penis pump is a vacuum device that helps men get and keep an erection. They are usually used with medical causes of erectile dysfunction and can help fix the issue. They consist of a plastic tube that fits over your penis. And depending on what pens pump you have there are many ways you can monitor the progress. 

What do penis pumps do?

Penis pumps use vacuum suction to draw blood to your penis. The process of drawing blood to your penis causes swelling that makes your penis temporarily larger and harder. They are typically used to get your penis ready for penetrative sex and can help with erectile dysfunction. 

Do penis pumps work?

Penis pumps do work for a temporary time, however, if you are looking for a longer lasting solution you may need to use other methods. They are effective for most individuals and have less risk when compared to other penis enlargement options. 

How do you use penis pumps? 

Depending on the type of penis pump you purchase, there are many ways you can use a penis pump. Most penis pumps require you to place a tube over your shaft and start pumping or turn on the device. You can monitor the size and remove it once your penis is erect. 

Can you recommend any cleaning tips for penis pumps?

The best way to clean your penis pump is by taking apart the individual piece and soaking the tube in warm soapy water. Remember to keep the pump system separate and dry as it shouldn’t be submerged under water. Every penis pump is different so make sure you read up on the cleaning information provided with the device. 

Are penis pumps dangerous?

While penis pumps have fewer risks than other treatments, it’s best to keep monitoring your penis throughout the entire process. If used correctly there shouldn’t be any issues, but if any irritation or injury occurs you should stop and visit your local GP. 

What is the best penis pump for beginners?

If you're new to penis pumps, you should probably start with one designed for beginners. At Wild Fantasy, we currently only have one penis pump for beginners. Our Size Matters Beginner Penis Pump allows you to control the pressure with a hand pump. Place the tube over your shaft and start using the hand pump. 

Are there any best selling penis pumps in Australia?

At Wild Fantasy, we source all our penis pumps from Australia’s leading suppliers. And here are our top penis pumps. Do any of them stand out to you? 

Lovetoy Miximizer Worx VX3 Auto Pro Penis Pump. With a three speed suction cycle, our Lovetoy Miximizer Worx VX3 Auto Pro Penis Pump has amazing results. Gain confidence and self esteem with this penis pump. 

La Pump Deluxe Penis Enlargement Package 1.75in. Using the Maximum Performance guide you can obtain longer lasting erections by simply sliding your penis into the tube and starting the motor. Remember to read all the information before using the La Pump Deluxe Penis Enlargement Package 1.75in.

Do you have any tips for buying a penis pump online?

Like any other purchase, you make online, doing a little research will make all the difference when finding the best penis pump for you. By going to reviews, learning about your symptoms and maybe visiting a doctor, you will find out more information about erectile dysfunction and the best penis pumps for you. Ideally, you just want to take your time as you research to ensure you’re getting the best product. 

How is Wild Fantasy the best for penis pumps? 

At Wild Fantasy, our collection of penis pumps may be smaller than other companies, but that doesn’t mean they’re lacking in quality. With a variety of options to choose from, we have a little something for all your penis pumping needs. Just remember to read through the product descriptions to ensure you’re getting the best penis pump for you. 


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