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Deepen your sexual pleasure by adding a prostate massager to your collection. With a range of different sizes, shapes, colours and textures, we have a little something for all your pleasurable needs. Whether you’re new to prostate stimulation or looking for something new, we have a little something for everyone. Take your time to browse through our collection and see if there’s anything you want to try. 

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At Wild Fantasy, we’re here to help you experience our deepest, darkest fantasies. All our prostate massagers can be enjoyed solo or with a partner. Explore new and exciting pleasure by introducing one of the best prostate massagers in Australia to your foreplay. See what options are available and elevate your next orgasm.

Experience new and exciting pleasure with one of our prostate massagers


Looking to buy a prostate massager? Discover our wide selection of prostate massagers and introduce a new sex toy to your collection. At Wild Fantasy, we have the perfect prostate massagers for beginners and experts. Whether you’re looking for a different size, colour or texture, we have a little something for everyone. Take your time to browse through our range and see if there’s anything you want to try. 

What is a prostate massager?

A prostate massager is specially designed to stimulate male prostate glands for sexual release. They can come with a range of features crafted to increase stimulation and pleasure. There are vibrating prostate massagers, penetrative, and stationary ones. See what options best work for you and experience new pleasures. 


How do you use a prostate massager?

Prostate massagers are similar to any other anal toy you might use. All you need to do is relax, coat your prostate massager in lube, and then slowly and carefully insert it. Different prostate massagers may require additional steps, such as turning the toy on. Read over any instructions before purchasing and try new pleasurable sensations.  


Can you regularly use a prostate massager? 

Much like any other form of sexual activity, you can use a prostate massager several times a week. There’s no written rule for how many times you should use a prostate massager. Do what feels natural and brings the most pleasure to you. However, if any pain or irritation occurs, seek out medical assistance from a healthcare professional. 


Is there a special way to clean your prostate massagers? 

Cleaning your prostate massagers is a similar experience to any sex toy you own. All sex toys can be washed using soap and warm water. If you would like to know more about different cleaning methods, have a look at our How To Clean Sex Toys blog post. 


Are there any specific types of prostate massagers for beginners? 

Some of the best prostate massages for beginners have a tapered tip for easier insertion. At Wild Fantasy, we highly recommend that beginners start with a small prostate massager and train their anus. Once you're comfortable with the smaller sizes, you can then work your way up to the larger ones. 


What are the best selling vibrating prostate massages in Australia?

If you’re looking for some suggestions, you have come to the right place. At Wild Fantasy, we stock prostate massagers from Australia’s leading sex toy suppliers. Here are some of the best prostate massagers for you to choose from.  

Rocks Off Rude Boy Xtreme Anal Vibrator. The vibrating prostate massager is a crowd pleaser for a reason. With strong precision stimulation, our Rocks Off Rude Boy Xtreme Anal Vibrator is waterproof and a fantastic addition to any toy collection. 

Easy Toys Gildo Glass Dildo #1. Change the temperature of our Easy Toys Gildo Glass Dildo #1 and experience different sensations. This prostate massager is great for solo and partner play sessions. Just add some lube and enjoy penetrative pleasures. 

B-Swish Bfilled Basic Anal Plug. Take your pleasure back to basics with our B-Swish Bfilled Basic Anal Plug. Slowly insert this prostate massager and experience stronger orgasms with the additional stimulation. 

Do you have any tips for buying a prostate massager online?

Purchasing the best prostate massagers online is a similar experience to any online order you place. Here are some of our hot tips to ensure you’re getting the best products for you. 

  • Research. Ideally, you want to do a little research and find out what the best options are for you. This part can take some time but will make all the difference in the long run. Learn as much as you can about prostate massagers before you buy one. From cleaning information to basic car instructions, note down anything you find important.
  • Read the product descriptions. At Wild Fantasy, we detail everything about our prostate massagers. See the dimensions and features of each item and use this information to compare different products. 
  • Look for online reviews. Learn from other customers' experiences and see what they have to say about different prostate massagers. You can find recommendations and other useful information by simply reading product reviews. 

How is Wild Fantasy the best for prostate massager?

At Wild Fantasy, we source all our products from Australia’s leading sex toy suppliers. Our collection of prostate massagers comes in a range of sizes, shapes and textures, perfect for beginners and experts. We have free discreet delivery for all our products with our Australia wide service. Browse through our collection and add something new to sexual foreplay. 



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