Penis Sleeves & Extensions

Penis Sleeves and Extensions

Add a little something extra to your play sessions by including a cock sleeve or extension. At Wild Fantasy, all our masturbator cock sleeves and extensions are fantastic accessories we know you will enjoy. With a range of different shapes and sizes, you can experience new and exciting sensations. Have a look at what options are available and experience new pleasures with our masturbator cook sleeves. 

At Wild Fantasy, we know how important it is to experience new pleasures and sensations without breaking the bank, so why not experience new pleasures by simply changing the sleeve in your masturbator? Our collection of masturbator sleeves has different shapes and sensations we know you will enjoy. Take your time to browse our selection and buy the best cock sleeves in Australia at Wild Fantasy.

Are you looking to buy the best masturbator cock sleeves? Experience new sensations with our masturbator cock sleeves!

At Wild Fantasy, we have a wide selection of masturbator cock sleeves for you to choose from. With a range of designs, shapes and stimulants, our masturbator cock sleeves will provide new and exciting simulations. Take your time to look through different options and see if there's anything you might like to try. 

What is a masturbator cock sleeve?

A masturbator cock sleeve is an additional accessory for you masturbators. It’s the internal component of a masturbator that can be swapped for different shapes and designs. Every design will stimulate your penis in new ways. Take your time to look through different options to see if there’s anything that appeals to you. 


Is there a special way to use your masturbator cock sleeves? 

Currently, we only have one masturbator, our Satisfyer Men One - Textured Male Masturbator, where you can swap cock sleeves. All the available masturbator cock sleeves come with different designs to stimulate multiple areas of your penis. Instructions for how to change sleeves are included with your product's packaging. 

How do you clean a masturbator cock sleeve?

Much like any other sex toy you own, a masturbator cock sleeve can be cleaned with soap and warm water. You can also remove the sleeve for a deeper clean. For more information about different cleaning methods, check out our How To Clean Sex Toys blog


Are masturbator cock sleeves safe to use?

Any masturbator cock sleeve is safe as long as they are correctly used and cleaned. Incidents typically only occur when a product isn’t properly maintained or used incorrectly. But if any issues occur, see your GP for assistance. 

What are the best masturbator cock sleeves for beginners?

All of our masturbator cock sleeves are perfect for beginners. But if you’re looking for some stand out options, have a look at these masturbator cock sleeves. 

Satisfyer Men Sleeve - Lusty Tongues. The Satisfyer Men Sleeve - Lusty Tongues, creates delicious stimulation with the soft texture and tongue like shape. Once you start pumping, you won’t be able to stop until your orgasm.  

Satisfyer Men Sleeve - Kinky Waves. Feel new pleasures with our Satisfyer Men Sleeve - Kinky Waves. With different sensations and a wave of pleasure, we know this is the perfect choice for you. Have a look at the product description to see if this is something you would be interested in. 

Satisfyer Men Sleeve - Pressure Spiral. Feel every ridge and texture of the Satisfyer Men Sleeve - Pressure Spiral. This super soft sleeve provides a range of sensations we know you will enjoy. Be sure to read the product description to see if this is an item you’re interested in. 

Do you have any tips for buying masturbator cock sleeves? 

When looking for a masturbator cock sleeve there are a few things you need to keep in mind. 

Know if the sleeve is compatible with your masturbator. There are lots of different products out there, and they all have different size restrictions. To ensure you’re getting the best sleeve to meet your needs, make sure it is compatible with your masturbator. 

Look at different options before you make a decision. At Wild Fantasy, we have a collection of masturbator sleeves for you to choose from. Have a look at the different options and find the best sleeve that will give you the most pleasure. 

Compare the features of any masturbator cock sleeve you choose. All products will have different shapes and textures, so one of the best ways to ensure you’re getting the best addition for you is by looking at different options and seeing which one appeals to you. 


How is Wild Fantasy the best for masturbator cock sleeves?

At Wild Fantasy, we source all our products from Australia’s leading sex toy suppliers. We have a range of masturbator cock sleeves available, and all of them will bring you immense pleasure. Take your time to look through our selection to see if anything catches your eye. 




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