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Keep your toys ready to go for the next time you want to use them with a toy cleaner. At Wild Fantasy, we have a variety of sex toy cleaners for you to choose from. Whether you would like a foaming wash or a spray, we have the perfect selection. 

Browse through our options and find the best sex toy cleaner to keep your toys prepped and ready to go. Buy the best toy cleaners in Australia at Wild Fantasy.

Have your toys ready to go for your next session! 

At Wild Fantasy, we know how important it is to look after your toys. Toy cleaners are a fantastic way to prevent bacteria and yeast infections. By simply washing your toys with one of our toy cleaning products, you’re keeping your body safe and healthy. Discover our selection of sex toy cleaners and add a bottle to your collection. 

How to clean sex toys?

Cleaning instructions for your toys will differ depending on their care instructions and the type of toy cleaner you’re using. Essentially, you can clean your toy with warm water and soap, spray it with a toy cleaner, wipe off the excess and put it away. Cleaning instructions may change depending on what toy cleaner you use. 

Tips for buying the best sex toy cleaner?

If you’re struggling to find the best toy cleaners for your collection, here are some useful tips for you to follow. 

Read the product descriptions. Different toy cleaners will have varying instructions. At Wild Fantasy, you can learn how to use each toy cleaner in our product descriptions. Read through the instructions and find the best toy cleaner that suits your needs. 

Look at reviews. Look for online reviews for the different products. The best type of opinion you can receive is from someone who has already purchased the item. Learn from their experiences and choose a toy cleaner that aligns with what you’re looking for. 

Compare different types. Select a few different toy cleaners and see how they are different. Look at the price, instructions, reviews and any other information. Disregard any toy cleaner that doesn’t have what you’re looking for. Narrow down your choices until you have the best toy cleaner for you. 

Find more tips and tricks for cleaning your toys in our How To Clean Sex Toys?

Why is Wild Fantasy the best for buying sex toy cleaners?

At Wild Fantasy, we source all our products from Australia’s leading sex toy suppliers. We’re finding the highest quality products for our customers to enjoy. You can shop with confidence, knowing you’re receiving the best products available. Every toy cleaner is different, so take your time to read through all the products to find the perfect one for you. 


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