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Explore a new type of pleasure with a vibrating dildo. Vibrating dildos are ideal for anybody wanting to experience penetration with a little extra something. While your dildo reaches deep inside, you can increase the pleasure with some vibrations. Vibrating dildos are perfect for couples and solo play. Choose from our range of delicious vibrating dildos. At Wild Fantasy, we have the best vibrating dildos in Australia. Have a look at what’s available and find the perfect toy to add to your collection.

Are you looking to buy a vibrating dildo? 

At Wild Fantasy, we know how important it is to change things up and make your playtimes exciting. Why settle for a normal dildo when you can get one with vibrations? Males and females can enjoy penetrating stimulation with the added bonus of vibrations. Discover our selection of vibrating dildos in our dildo collection. With various colours, shapes, textures and sizes, we know you will find the perfect vibrating dildos from Wild Fantasy. 

What is a vibrating dildo?

A vibrating dildo is exactly how it sounds. It’s the perfect way to experience extra pleasure without using numerous toys. Have the best of both worlds with a dildo that offers you the same sensations as a vibrator. Enjoy the penetrating sensations with a lick of vibrations that will give you unique releases. 

How do you use vibrating dildos?

Vibrating dildos come in varying sizes, shapes and functions. All the specifications about our products are detailed in our product descriptions. Every toy is different, so read about our different vibrating dildos before purchasing. 

How do vibrating dildos work?

There’s not much difference between a vibrating dildo and a normal vibrator. All vibrators are different, so read the instructions before use and have an incredible playtime. Generally, vibrating dildos should be turned on before inserting. Different vibrating dildos will have varying features. All information about them can be found in our product descriptions and within the toy’s packaging. 

What are the best vibrating dildos for beginners?

Most vibrating dildos are ideal for beginners. At Wild Fantasy, we recommend starting with a smaller dildo and working your way up. If you’re after some suggestions, here are some of our favourites for beginners.

Strap U Urge Strapless Strap On With Remote. This strapless strap on will bring pleasure to both you and your partner. Insert the shaft inside you and let the fun begin. Pick your favourite colour and have your new toy delivered to your doorstep. 

Clone A Willy's Glow In The Dark Vibrating Dildo. Have a little fun and create your own sex toy. Create a dildo of your favourite penis and add a vibrator. Have a complete copy of your partner's penis with the benefits of stimulating vibrations. 

What are the best selling vibrating dildos in Australia?

Whether you are new or experienced with buying vibrating dildos, it can be challenging to decide on which ones to purchase. There are lots of options available, and choosing one can be difficult. If you’re looking for suggestions, here are some of our best selling vibrating dildos. 

Clone A Willy Vibrating Dildo. Pick your favourite colour and enjoy yourselves. Making a sex toy of your partners penis is always a fun activity you both will enjoy. Create a sex toy of your favourite penis and add a vibrator. Share a few laughs and have fun. 

Hueman Interstellar Anal Vibrator Plug With Remote. This is the perfect toy for lovers of anal pleasure. The vibrating anal plug dildo will send amazing sensations to your most sensitive areas. You can even let your partner take control with the remote. It is the ideal toy for both solo play and couples play. 

What are the benefits of vibrating dildos?

Although it might not seem like much, however vibrating dildos are ideal for increasing pleasure. While most dildos are fantastic at creating penetrating sensations, vibrating ones will massage all your internal and external pleasure points. The vibrations add a little more variety to your playtime.

What's the difference between a normal dildo and a vibrating dildo?

While a normal dildo primarily offers penetrating sensations to both males and females, a vibrating one will add a little extra. Vibrating dildos are not just limited to internal use. You can use the vibrations to massage all your erogenous zones before inserting. Give your entire body pleasure during your next playtime. 


Tips for ordering vibrating dildos online?

Ordering a vibrating dildo online is just like any other online purchase. At Wild Fantasy, we highly recommend our customers research our products before buying. All our product descriptions detail the specifications of all our toys. You can find out the strength, dimensions, cleaning instructions and more about all our vibrating dildos. All information about our toys is provided in our product descriptions and also on the toy’s packaging. 

Why is Wild Fantasy the best for buying body safe vibrating dildos?

At Wild Fantasy, we source all our products from Australia’s leading sex toy brands. We have done the research to ensure all our vibrating dildos are of the highest quality. You can shop in confidence, knowing you are receiving the best. At Wild Fantasy, we deliver Australia-wide. There’s no need for you to leave the house. Have your order delivered to your doorstep. We have a vast collection for you to choose from, and we know you’ll find the ideal vibrating dildo for you at Wild Fantasy.



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