It can be important to spice things up with your spouse or partner sometimes. For some, sex toys do the trick. There is a misconception that a pair would use devices in bed out of boredom with each other. This does not need to be the case.

Many would use them to get to know their partner better. Or simply, to have no secrets between each other.

In recent times, Rabbit Vibrators have risen to prominence with those who are familiar with sex toys; which is still mostly a hush-hush topic.


What are Rabbit Vibrators?

A rabbit vibrator gets its name due to its shape: it looks like rabbit ears. Compared with earlier vibrators, they have two smooth prongs meant to work on both female pleasure centres. There are many different varieties of this product. The selection of rabbit vibrators grew due to their growing prominence. Apparently, this particular sex toy was made popular by the hit US TV series, Sex & The City. Since the episode that featured a rabbit vibrator, curiosity about the product, and adult toys in general, grew.

Benefits of Introducing Vibrators into Couple’s Play 

Whether you are exploring vibrators out of curiosity or to take things to another level with your partner, the vibrator won’t judge. Some couples give colourful praises about safe sex toy use because it helps them get to know their partner better. It led them to talk more openly about their personal needs and desires. Better communication with your spouse or partner is the greatest desire regardless of how this Is achieved.


How to Introduce Vibrators into Couple’s Play

 Whenever you’re considering using adult toys that deal with the most sensitive parts of your body, the safety of use is the uncontested priority.

Have an honest conversation with your lover about how you both would be comfortable introducing a new device into your intimate times together. After all, no one else knows your individual bodies and thresholds as well as you do. So, make sure to select a body-safe vibrator that uses non-toxic materials.

Most importantly, test them for their waterproofing while they are on to curb any unpleasant situations.


Best Selling Vibrators from Wild Fantasy

Satisfyer Mono Flex Rabbit Vibrator

The Satisfyer Mono Flex Rabbit Vibrator is an app-compatible vibrator that has two powerful built-in motors that serve both the clitoris and vagina simultaneously.

b swish bwild classic rabbit vibrator


The B-Swish Bwild Classic Rabbit Vibrator from Wild Fantasy is a rabbit massager with a shaft angled up to produce a more heightened sense of pleasure.

rocks off giamo vibrator

This Rocks Off Giamo Vibrator  is a flexible sex-toy with an extremely smooth touch and is waterproof for extra safety.

Satisfyer Hot Lover Rabbit Vibrator


The Satisfyer Hot Lover Rabbit Vibrator is made with body-friendly silicone and comes with app controlled warming feature to control device temperature appropriately for more pleasure.

Rocks Off Every Girl Rabbit Vibrator


The Rocks Off Every Girl Rabbit Vibrator is a powerful yet handy device that is ergonomically shaped to match any experience level, whether you’re new to play or a seasoned connoisseur.

Rocks Off Flutter Rabbit Vibrator


Wild Fantasy’s Rocks Off Flutter Rabbit Vibrator probably has the best play-time offered by rabbit vibrators: 3 hours of charge for 3 hours of play. It also comes built with body-friendly non-toxic silicone in an ergonomic shape for better pleasure.


Many speak of the wonders of heightened pleasure – and intimacy – offered by incorporating sex toys into intimate times with their partner. Deciding to begin using them responsibly with consideration for each other’s safety is the most important thing.


Wild Fantasy understands all your considerations for safety, and the need for high quality and variety when picking out adult toys. This is why our online store is stacked with products from reputed brands.


But most importantly, we respect your privacy. At Wild Fantasy, we guarantee discreet delivery to all our patrons.