Rabbit Vibrators

Rabbit Vibrators

Have you thought about getting a Rabbit Vibrator? Rabbit Vibrators are perfect for internal and external stimulation. Experience simultaneous sensations as you massage both your g-spot and clit. At Wild Fantasy, our Rabbit Vibrators come in various colours, shapes and sizes. We know you will find a blissful release with one of our vibes. Buy the best Rabbit Vibrators in Australia at Wild Fantasy.

Do you want to try something a little different? Have you thought about buying a Rabbit Vibrator?

Rabbit Vibrators are different from most other vibes. They offer dual stimulation to both your clit and vagina. The shaft reaches deep inside you massaging your g-spot, giving you unadulterated bliss. Every rabbit vibe is different. All of Wild Fantasy’s Rabbit Vibrators come with detailed descriptions so you can learn about all the specifics of your toy before purchasing. Take your time to browse our collection and choose the right rabbit vibe for you. 


What is a rabbit vibrator?

Most women climax to the clitoral and vaginal stimulation. That’s where a rabbit vibe comes in. Rabbit Vibrators are versatile toys. You can choose between internal or external stimulation, and if you can’t decide, why not have both? Rabbit Vibrators send pleasurable vibrations to both your vaginal canal and clit. They are toys that offer a range of sensual pleasures that will curl your toes.  


How do you use a rabbit vibrator?

Rabbit Vibrators are similar to any other type of sex toy. Prep yourself for playtime and slather your rabbit vibe in water-based lube. Turn on your toy and slowly insert. Once inside you, you can change the vibrations and choose a setting that feels pleasurable. Take your time and follow your instincts. 


How are rabbit vibrators different from other vibrators?

Every vibrator offers different types of pleasure. While other types might focus on singular, targeted pleasure, Rabbit Vibrators stimulate both your clit and g-spot simultaneously. The combination vibrations make rabbit vibes unlike any other. You won’t need any other vibrator during your self-love sessions. 


Should you buy a rabbit vibrator?

Rabbit Vibrators are perfect for any female wanting to experience both internal and external stimulation. Why focus on one type when you can have both? Focus on what brings you pleasure, and a rabbit vibe will excite you in new ways. But it doesn’t just stop there. You can even include your partner during your next play session. Rabbit Vibrators are not only just for solo play, and they are perfect for adding a little steam to the bedroom. 


What are the best rabbit vibrators for beginners?

Any rabbit vibe that’s soft to the touch and contains powerful vibrations is perfect for every beginner. We recommend beginners look for Rabbit Vibrators that are soft, pliable and on the smaller side. If you’re looking for suggestions, have a look at these vibes. They are perfect for beginners. 

Bwild Classic Marine Rabbit Vibrator. The Bwild Classic Marine Vibe is a classic vibe simply designed to bring you the most pleasure. This stunning vibe is completely waterproof. Make your next bath memorable. Settle in and enjoy 5 different vibration modes as you slowly bring yourself to release. 

Satisfyer Mono Flex Rabbit Vibrator. This vibe is sure to be your new best friend. The Satisfyer Mono Flex Vibrator moulds itself to your unique shape, creating new sensations no other toy can accomplish. Experience the ultimate release with a Rabbit Vibrator made to fit you. 

Bwild Classic Bunny Rabbit Vibrator. With 5 different vibration modes, this is the classic rabbit vibe that will have you climaxing. The Bwild Classic Bunny Rabbit Vibrator is strong, quiet and completely waterproof. Keep things simple with a classic vibe. 


What are the best selling rabbit vibrators in Australia?

The best rabbit vibrators are ones that bring strong vibrations and endless pleasure. And our best selling rabbit vibes do precisely that. At Wild Fantasy, we have a wonderful collection of vibes to choose from. If you’re looking for suggestions, here are some of our best selling Rabbit Vibrators: 

Satisfyer Vibes Magic Bunny Rabbit Vibrator. This vibrator does the hard work for you. The combined vaginal and clitoral stimulation will leave you breathless. With 6 different vibrations, you will melt at the knees. Have a little fun with a rabbit vibrator made to give you pleasure. 

Satisfyer Hot Lover Rabbit Vibrator. This loving rabbit vibrator is lovingly curved to stimulate both your g-spot and clitoris. The sensual warming function is just the right temperature for a realistic feel. Just add a little water based lube and have a stimulating experience. 

Bwild Deluxe Bunny Rabbit Vibrator. The simplicity of this rabbit vibe sets it apart from all other vibrators. The smooth texture makes for a pleasurable release. While the shaft stimulates your vaginal conal, the bunny ears work on your clit. Combination vibrations will bring you to a toe curling climax. 


Why is Wild Fantasy the best for buying rabbit vibrators?

All our products are sourced from Australia’s leading sex toy brands. At Wild Fantasy, we fill our product descriptions with toy specifications, so you know exactly what you’re buying. Our online store has all the information needed allowing you to shop in confidence. Finding your next toy has never been easier. 

At Wild Fantasy, all our orders are delivered in discreet packaging right to your doorstep. There’s no need for you to shop in-store any longer. Find your next favourite toy from the comforts of your home. Take your time to browse our available stock. We know we have your ideal Rabbit Vibrator at Wild Fantasy. 



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