If you’re looking for something a little different, have you considered trying vibrating panties? 

They are a fun and discreet outdoor play toy that will keep you occupied for hours.  

What Are Vibrating Panties?

Vibrating panties are an easy to wear vibrator that tickles your intimate pleasure zones. The name can be a little deceiving as your panties don’t vibrate; instead, they're a mini vibrator that’s attached to your underwear. They are female sex toys that can be enjoyed during solo play or for some couple playtime. Whether you're looking for some public fun or continuous vibrations throughout the day, you can almost guarantee that vibrating panties are a seamless addition to your collection. 

How Do Vibrating Panties Work?

There are many different types of vibrating underwear, and they are all somewhat similar. Most vibrating panties require you to turn them on, place them in your underwear and control the vibrations with a remote or app. 

The fantastic thing about vibrating panties is that they don’t have to be limited to just being worn in your underwear. Most vibrating panties allow you to take the vibrator out and externally use it all over your body. While solo masturbating or during some couple's play, you can remove the vibrator and stimulate your favourite erogenous zones. From your clit to your nipples, both you can your partner can tease and stimulate each other's favourite pleasure zones. 

Tips For Finding The Best Vibrating Underwear

You can find many different types of vibrating panties online. Over the years, vibrating panties have become more comfortable and easier to find. While this has many bonuses, it does make it a little harder to find a suitable option for you. At Wild Fantasy, we want you to be able to live out your wildest fantasies. If you're struggling to decide on a vibrating panty, here are some helpful tips to make your search easier. 

Look for reputable online stores. Buying sex toys online is a simple and easy way to purchase adult toys, however, it is difficult to determine whether or not you’re buying toys of decent quality. Credible online sex shops will supply well known brands and detail everything about their products. You will be able to go to their product descriptions and find all the information needed about a product. By doing a little research, you can ensure you’re getting the best quality vibrating panties.

Read Product Reviews. There are numerous product reviews available online. The best way to determine whether or not a product is suited to you is by learning from other customers. Find out if the vibrating panties you’re looking at are worth a purchase or if there is another pair you should consider. This can take some time, but it is worth the effort. 

Compare different brands. Don’t just settle for one type of vibrating panty. Competing brands design similar products that have varying features and functions. Depending on what sensations you want to experience, have a look at a range of similar products and see which ones stand out to you. Have a look at what elements are different and which ones are the same. Doing so will help narrow down your list and make your choice easier.  

Go to the product descriptions. Product descriptions are a fantastic source of information. At Wild Fantasy, all our product descriptions contain dimensions, cleaning information and details of all the toy's features. Every vibrating panty is different, and you can learn about the different types in the product descriptions. 

Get your partner's opinion. Whether the vibrating panties are for your enjoyment or your partners, it never hurts to get a second opinion. Find out which type they prefer and try to cater to their requirements. If you want to include vibrating panties in your playtime, it's important to look for something you both enjoy. 

Where Can You Wear Vibrating Panties? 

Vibrating panties are a very versatile toy and can be worn almost anywhere and anytime. Most vibrating panties are whisper quiet and discreet, making them the perfect outdoor toy. Here are some kinky suggestions you should try after you receive your pair. 

Give your partner control and go to another room. This can be a fun way to engage in a bit of foreplay. After giving your partner the remote, you can go to another room and try to complete mundane tasks (washing, cleaning or dusting). The vibrations will provide exhilarating pleasure while completing tedious chores and get you both in the mood. 

Go for a walk. Add a little spice to your daily exercise. As you start to feel a little worn out, you can increase the vibrations and get your endorphins going. You can enjoy the sensation by yourself or get your partner involved. Make sure to slow down if anything gets too intense. 

Have an intimate secret picnic outside. Put on your vibrating panties and go to your favourite park area. Grab your picnic blanket, snacks and a book. Set up your picnic and get comfortable. Let your discreet play take over and focus on your pleasure. You can go by yourself or have your partner come. Just try not to look like you're having too much fun. 

Enjoy a risqué date night. Let your partner control your pleasure and enjoy a night out. Whether you’re going to the movies, a restaurant, the beach, or any other romantic getaway, you can add a slight vibration to keep you both interested. 

Whenever you’re alone in public. If you have some dull errands to run, you can add a little spice with some stimulating sensations. From going to the grocery store or picking up dry cleaning, there are plenty of places where you can turn on your vibrator bask in pleasure. The only thing you’d need to do is control your facial expressions. 

Wild Fantasy’s Top Selling Vibrating Panties In Australia

At Wild Fantasy, we have the perfect toys to engage in a little outdoor play. You can enjoy some solo play or get your partner involved. Our vibrating panties are the ideal addition to your toy collection. Look through what’s available and focus on items that catch your attention. Here are some of our favourite types. Read about their features and choose a vibrating panty that best suits what you’re looking for. 


Satisfyer Little Secret Panty Vibrator
Satisfyer Little Secret Panty Vibrator


There’s no need to worry about this vibrator moving. Attach the Satisfyer Little Secret Panty Vibrator to your favourite pair of underwear with the included magnet. The super strong and deep vibrations will send enticing sensations to your clit. You or your partner can control its speed and strength on the app or use the included remote control. Have a thrilling rendezvous with some delicious stimulation. 




IJOY Rechargeable Remote Control Vibrating Panties
IJOY Rechargeable Remote Control Vibrating Panties


One size fits most with our IJOY Rechargeable Remote Control Vibrating Panties. The panties are made using a soft, comfortable place that has a secret pocket for your vibrator. The included mini vibe has 10 functions for discreet play. It comes with a remote control that has an operable range of 10 metres. You or your partner can enjoy blissful vibrations with the push of a button. 



Satisfyer Sexy Secret Panty Vibrator
Satisfyer Sexy Secret Panty Vibrator


The powerful yet quiet motor of the Satisfyer Sexy Secret Panty Vibrator allows you to have fun anywhere. Enjoy the delicious pleasures of these vibrating panties anywhere. You can start your stimulating fun in the house and finish it in your hot tub. They’re completely waterproof and will give you increasing sensation with every vibration. Read through the product description to learn more about the included features. 



Satisfyer Top Secret Wearable Vibrator
Satisfyer Top Secret Wearable Vibrator


Pick your favourite colour and enjoy some g-spot stimulation. The Satisfyer Top Secret Wearable Vibrator sits comfortably in your panties as it reaches deep inside you. The unique design is ideal for discreet outdoor play. It’s made using body safe silicone and cleaned with soap and water. Connect it to your Satisfyer app and enjoy the sensations it brings. 




Satisfyer Top Secret + Wearable Vibrator
Satisfyer Top Secret + Wearable Vibrator


Enjoy a bonus shaft for anal stimulation with the Satisfyer Top Secret + Wearable Vibrator. While the thicker shaft stimulates your g-spot, the thinner one sends vibrations to your anus. The friendly design sits comfortably in your underwear and is whisper quiet. Once your turn this vibrator on, you can enjoy unimpeded pleasure. Control the vibrations with the Satisfyer app and explore thrilling outdoor play. 



Why Should You Purchase Vibrating Panties From Wild Fantasy? 

At Wild fantasy, we are continuously adding new products to your collection. All our vibrating panties are sourced from Australia’s leading sex toy suppliers. We search for the highest quality products for your enjoyment. Browse through our collection to find the perfect items to add to your collection. Be a little adventurous and enjoy outdoor play with some vibrating panties from Wild Fantasy.