Sex toys for men, once a hush-hush topic, are becoming a popular trend among some men. 

Surprisingly, even in places like Perth, the variety of these toys is expanding. 

You’re thinking of a naughty Valentine's Day gift for your guy. But wait, it's not as simple as picking the first one you see.

Firstly, do your homework. Research is key. What type of toys does he like? What's safe? 

You don't want to gift something risky or uncomfortable. Look for quality materials and user reviews. Safety – it’s the most crucial point to think about.

Think about his preferences. Does he like technology? Maybe a high-tech toy would be exciting. Or something simple yet fun? The options are vast - from sophisticated gadgets to classic designs.

So, before you make a dash to the nearest adult store in Perth or search online, take a moment. Understand his likes, ensure safety, and pick an adult toy that will add a bit of spice to your Valentine's Day. 

It's a bold move, but with the right research, you could get it right!

Wild Fantasy is here to present you with a few tips to make the most responsible choice. 

Busting a Myth: “Men Don’t Use Sex Toys”

It's a myth that men don't use naughty toys. In reality, more and more men are exploring these toys as a normal part of their personal lives. 

A surprising statistic reveals this trend: a study found that nearly half of men have tried a naughty toy at least once. This shows that the old stereotype – that these toys are used just by women – is fading away. 

Wild Fantasy’s Picks: 4 Types of Sex Toys for Men


Satisfyer Men Classic Masturbator Vibrator

The Satisfyer Men Classic Masturbator Vibrator is a masturbator that has a super-soft Cyberskin sleeve and an internal pressure regulator for a realistic experience. 


Hueman Meteoroid Rimming Anal Plug Vibrator

The Hueman Meteoroid Rimming Anal Plug Vibrator is a remote-controlled vibrating prostate massager with 4-speed settings for you to explore.


Satisfyer Power Ring Vibrating Cockring

Wild Fantasy’s Satisfyer Power Ring Vibrating Cockring is capable of adapting to all sizes and is waterproof for extra safety.


SEX! Scratch Tickets

It’s not all about toys – sometimes a sex toy is a card. The SEX! Scratch Tickets is a game you and your lover can play for a fun Valentine’s night. 

Shopping Men’s Sex Toys at Wild Fantasy 

Wild Fantasy knows that when it comes to shopping for sex toys for men, privacy is key. We've got it covered! 

Here's how we make it super private and easy:

Discreet Shopping

No need to worry about nosy neighbours or awkward moments. When you shop with Wild Fantasy, it's like your little secret. Our website is easy to browse, so you can explore freely.

Secret Packaging

Once you've picked your fun toy, guess what? We pack it in the most discreet way possible. No flashy logos or telling marks. The package that arrives at your door looks totally ordinary, like any other parcel.

Delivery Anywhere in Australia

Whether you're in a bustling Perth or a quiet town, we've got you covered. Wild Fantasy delivers all over Australia, keeping your purchase hush-hush until it safely reaches your hands.

So, whether you're in Sydney or the Outback, Wild Fantasy ensures your adult toy shopping is a 100% private affair, from click to delivery!

Buying Men’s Sex Toys for the First Time? Keep These in Mind

Here are some fun and easy tips to make your first purchase a blast without safety concerns:

Do Your Research

Dive into the world of toys. Read reviews, watch videos, and understand what's out there. Knowledge is power – and it’ll keep you safe!

Think About What He Might Like

What excites him? Start with something that matches his interests and fantasies. Remember, it's all about communication.

Quality Over Quantity

Go for good-quality toys. They're safer, last longer, and provide better experiences. Cheap isn't always cheerful here.

Size Matters

Be realistic about size. Start small and explore what feels right for you. It's not a race!

Stay Safe

Look for body-safe materials. Avoid anything that looks suspicious. Health always comes first.

Ease Into It

Start with something simple. You don't need bells and whistles on your first go. Find your comfort zone.

Be Responsible

Fun is good. But remember, making your sex toy purchase responsibly is what keeps you safe and ready to enjoy more days of fun. 

Happy exploring! 

Making the Most of Valentine’s Day

Trying out sex toys for men for the first time? Confused how to use them? Well, don’t be. There’s always a manual to follow. Let your creativity do the rest. 

Looking for a reliable vendor for men’s sex toys this Valentine’s Day? Visit Wild Fantasy for the ultimately discreet online shopping experience.