As Christmas nears, and we begin craving the cosy warmth of the holidays, some long for a little more warmth inside. A previously taboo topic, self-pleasure with sex toys have begun to be accepted and normalised in the minds of some men and women. Certain women cite their benefits on improved mental health as reasons to encourage its use. However you choose to explore this side of sensual stimulation, it is important to do it safely with sex toys that you picked responsibly. And before you get under the sheets with your partner and a toy, get their consent.


The Season of Love and Connection

This Christmas, it’s important that you spend quality time with your significant other. A time of the year where everyone is away from mundane worries, the holidays are perfect for adding more fire to the passion you share with your partner. An intimate Christmas gift from Wild Fantasy might be the spark that sets it off.


The Benefits of Couple Sex Toys  

The holidays are a time to bond with the ones closest to you. At Christmas, we yearn for more meaning and more connection. Your partner is the most important person in your life. Sometimes, adult toys may help you share your most intimate secrets with them. With nothing standing between you two a world of pleasure awaits to be explored.

The thought of using sex devices with your partner makes some folks uncomfortable, and others worried about their safety. Whatever your concerns may be, it’s important to consider choosing high-quality products from certified vendors that both you and your partner approve of. At Wild Fantasy, we make it our business to ensure that all our patrons enjoy secured intimate moments. It’s important that, however you choose to express this side of yourself, you should do it with discretion. 


Selecting the Right Toys

What’s right for you may not be right for her. If you have experience with adult toys and your partner doesn’t, it’s important to discuss if they want to use them beforehand. Choose toys built with materials that are body-safe and easy on both you and your partner.

It’s important to communicate first and prioritise each other’s comfort when choosing sex toys, whether you’re a tempered user or it’s your first time. Some off-brand sex toys on the market may not be safe for either one of you. So, it’s important to take precaution.


Popular Couple Sex Toys for Christmas

satisfyer endless fun couples vibrator

Wild Fantasy’s Satisfyer Endless Fun Couples Vibrator is a non-gendered versatile sex-toy made to fulfil your imagination. It’s made with a safe silicone exterior for extra smoothness and safety.

rocks off cocktail dual vibrating stimulator

The Rocks Off Cocktail Dual Vibrating Stimulator is one to stimulate both of you at the same times. This dual-motored toy is extra powerful.

easy toys fetish collection sensual hot wax candles

Our Easy Toys Fetish Collection Sensual Hot Wax Candles are for hotness as described. Use them on your partner's body with precaution to light up your time together.

satisfyer rocket ring vibrating cockring

The Satisfyer Rocket Ring Vibrating Cockring is one for the men. This toy fits any guy and gives a powerful vibration for phallic pleasure.

kama sutra naturals massage oil

These Kama Sutra Naturals Massage Oils are a unique product. Made with natural Soy, Canola, and Almond Oils, they’re ideal for a sensual massage. These body-safe skin softening oils are good for daily use.

satisfyer sexy secret panty vibrator

The Satisfyer Sexy Secret Panty Vibrator is for discreet pleasure. It can be slipped in your underwear for heightened secret pleasure.

sex a year of sex card game

The SEX! A Year of Sex Cards are for the ones who want to play games. These cards contain over 50 explicitly illustrated Kama Sutra positions. They can be used as gameplay during intimate times or simply as references.

wet stuff toy cleaner 235g

For when you’re done, the Wet Stuff Toy Cleaner is made to give your sex-toys a deep cleansing, so they’re ready for use again.


Ensuring Privacy and Discretion:

While playing with adult toys may be fun, it’s not fun to be found out. Make sure that the vendors you purchase such items from affords you due discretion.
Secrecy is a priority at Wild Fantasy. You can trust us to deliver your goods right to your doorstep – and no one will find out.


Get a little help from a sex-device to spice things up with your partner this Christmas. With their consent, it might be a playful present to add to your Christmas gifts for them. Use the opportunity to get to know your partner better.
Begin by exploring the Wild Fantasy online store  to get started. Remember! that we won’t tell on you.