Sex is a hot topic all year long, giving is so much to talk about and consider. Sex is the driving force of most couples to keep life stress free, loving and exciting!

However, in this century, sex has always revolved around abuses, misunderstandings, protection and women. Quite a little has been spoken about men’s sexual health, sexual intimacy in men, sex tips to please men and so on. And we decided to make a change!

Our experts at Wild Fantasy understand the importance of sex for pleasure and for sexual health! This is common to both partners to feel loved, connected and satisfied with their pleasures. It’s more than just an act of procreation but the beauty of being one as a couple.

In this blog, our professionals at Wild Fantasy have narrowed the sex tips for men into a brief blog that provides practical tips for men to consider when enhancing their sexual experiences and relationships! Read along to find out the best sex tips for you to consider!


Communicate Openly with Your Partner


Importance of Communication

The great Sex Tip for Men is communication! Men generally talk quite less than women. And when it comes to sensitive tops, conversations are mostly cut short or avoided. When asked women about how their male partner communicates about sex, they often find it to be a brief conversation.

Most sex experts think that men find it awkward to talk about sex, even if it’s about communicating for the first time. However, they fail to understand that communication is key to obtaining healthy sex.

Studies show that men under the age of 60 have thought about sex at least once a day. This number can be higher than this when it comes to younger adults and adults in their thirties.

Experts suggest women encourage men to communicate about sex to create a fulfilling sexual relationship. Discussing sex techniques they like and don’t like, the boundaries they’d like to keep and the fantasies they would like to explore. This is sure to improve sexual intimacy and sexual health, simultaneously!

Practical Tips

Some Best Sex Tips from experts is to regularly check in with your partner to discuss your sex life. Talk about the pros and cons, the emotions and the possible adaptations that can be implemented to uplift your sexual life together.

Furthermore, taking a subtle turn in conversations by using "I" statements to express your feelings and needs. This would sound better than sounding accusatory.


Prioritise Foreplay


The Role of Foreplay

Another Best Sex Tip to please a man is foreplay. While it works greatly on women, men too have a fair share of foreplay to set the mood and get going.

Foreplay can help you ease up the tension and let off some steam. It can build arousal while tapping on your intimacy levels to increase with every touch and sensitivity. This keeps your body ready to accept sex as the heat grows. That would make sex significantly enjoyable for you and your partner. 


Some of the greatest starter Sex Techniques recommended by our experts are foreplay is subtle physical contact. This can come in the form of gentle back strokes or running down your fingers through each other’s hair.

Escalate this to soft kisses and cuddles until the heat is totally on from both ends. Embrace the differences of each other and progress towards oral sex. Take your time here and incorporate the use of sex toys to help you please your man and yourself!

Enjoy, savour and embrace your man and his response while focusing on pleasures as a couple. Take your time at your own speed!


Focus on Mutual Pleasure


Balanced Approach

Another Sex Tips for Men is to focus on not just pleasing your partner but also yourself. Like in our diets, our sex life must also contain the give-and-take formula. You may be great at sex compared to your partner, but it is quite fair that you ask for what you need.

Yes, here is where communication and understanding play a role. Giving and taking sex and pleasure keeps you safe and satisfied all throughout the process. Therefore, dear men, expect what you give back! It can be communicated well in the perfect

Listening and Responding

Sex is never silent as most science books portray it to be. Sex can involve a lot of sounds apart from your oohs and aahs! Of course, moaning and sounds of pleasure during orgasms denote the pinnacle of sexy sounds, simple sounds such as breathing, sighing, screams, squeaks, grunting and overall sounds from the act can contribute towards the session.

To be active in sex is another important sex tip for men. Being active and being present means listening and responding accordingly. Listen to your partner’s sounds carefully and you’ll know exactly what to do! Ensure that your partner reciprocates the same to you.

Listening and responding can also be physical. Asking your partner what feels good and being attentive to their verbal and non-verbal cues is quite important. Talking about the different positions and sex techniques to see what works best for both of you can be a great sex tip for men to express themselves!


Improve Your Sexual Health


Healthy Lifestyle

When considering Sex Tips for Men, we must consider the men’s health and lifestyle larger. Sexual performance can be impacted through other external factors such as a balanced diet and exercise.

Another massive factor to keep in mind is sleep and lifestyle. People who consume alcohol on an everyday basis, smoke or consume drugs can have a lower sex drive. Similarly, people with medical issues such as diabetics, hormonal issues, heart problems, high blood pressure, stress and depression can also face low sex drive.

Following a healthy lifestyle, eating healthier foods and breaking unhealthy habits can help improve your libido! And of course, do visit a doctor and speak out about what’s in your heart!

Avoiding Substances

As discussed above, avoid the negative components that can kill your sex drive. Excess alcohol, smoking, weeds, and drugs are a few to name. However, everyday foods and medications such as colas or carbonated drinks, processed foods (cookies, canned foods), trans fat, sugar, plastic bottles for drinking, too much caffeine, antidepressants, and chocolates can also lower your sex drive!

Regular Check-ups

Our experts at Wild Fantasy encourage regular visits to a healthcare provider. This can help you to check and monitor for any health issues that exist in your body without your knowledge. This can affect your sexual performance and libido levels!


Learn and Explore


Stay Informed

As we take time to educate ourselves about the features of a new phone or a skincare product, another massive sex tip for men is to read and educate yourself on sex and sexual processes. Now don’t go rushing to your biology textbooks.

We mean to suggest that reading books and articles on sex and libido can help you improve your confidence to try new things. Attending sexual health workshops can help you learn techniques to stay informed and improve your skills. Female partners are also advised to walk the educational journey with their man to find out the best sex tips to please a man!


Talk to your male partner and discuss the new things he would like to consider implementing in your sexual exploration. If you are the man in the relationship, of course, let your woman express what she wants to do with you. Make sure whatever you try on behalf of your partner is accepted and consented by you! Ensure that your sexual experience is exciting and enjoyable, to keep the heat built up in the bedroom!

Consider newer positions and exciting ventures such as role-playing or adding sex toys to improve the variety. Take into account the various sex techniques that can be incorporated into your sexual activity and ensure you keep it safe, healthy and exciting with your partner!


To Conclude

We cannot underestimate the equal importance of sex for men and women! While women gain emotional contentment, males gain physical connection. This can be well understood by a man or by a woman, who has experienced the true connection of physical and emotional elements. It builds trust, security, intimacy and love, all while letting you experience a physical connection.

This blog was a letter to men and all the women out there who care a lot about their man’s satisfaction. We have emphasised the importance of communication, foreplay, mutual pleasure, maintaining good sexual health, and continuous learning.

Our experts constantly remind men that they too can have a better overall sexual experience if they open up and consider new sex techniques. Read around recommended reading materials to find the sex tips that work for men. Work on your relationship with your partner and make your garden of love bloom every day!

If you are looking for Men sex toys to support your sexual exploration journey, drop by Wild Fantasy and explore the countless toy options for you!