Owning a vibrator in 2024 is a pleasurable luxury to most ladies, giving them the enticing pleasures they seek! However, this wondrous pleasure product does a lot more than fulfilling sexual pleasures.

Vibrators initially started as a body massager in the medical field, made to cure muscle soreness. Now, vibrators have evolved into a stress releaser, taking away the tension within one’s body. This has been a primary cause in the current times are has been an optimistic twist towards the vibrator sex toy.

This blog highlights the use of a vibrator in relieving stress and tension, while also adding value to one’s mental health. We will also be looking at the overall contribution to well-being, while also giving you our Wild Fantasy vibrator suggestions to uplift your sexual and mental health!

How Does Stress Affect Sexual Health? 

Stress comes around into our daily routine everyone and then. This can be over simple matters or more complex ones. Stresses that have a lasting effect can also lean against one’s mental and sexual health.

Stress can be of 4 types; Physical, Emotional, Situational, and Anticipatory. It can be acute, chronic or episodic based on how often the stress is back. Depending on whichever stage you are, stress can have a direct influence on your sexual health.

If you have been facing stress for a longer period (chronic), your interest in sex can slowly fade away. This is because stress can cause a chemical imbalance in your brain, which can result in a low libido. Lowered libido, can lower your arousal leading to very less sexual activities or none.

Even if you manage to engage in sexual activities, your overall sexual satisfaction will not be as great as it used to be! Therefore paying close attention to your stress levels can be vital for your sexual health!

The Role of Vibrators in Stress Relief

The use of Vibrators for Women’s sexual pleasures is quite common in today’s world. It is said that this has brought great pleasure while also assisting women with their day-to-day stresses.

How does this happen you may ask?

Hormones! You see as and when you use a vibrator, there is about a 99.99999999% chance that you may end up in a messy orgasmic wave (may change with the stress levels). Each time you achieve your climax, you also release many ‘feel-good’ hormones, which make you enjoy your afterglow a little longer. Hormones such as dopamine, oxytocin, endorphins and serotonin give you an uplifted floaty feeling, letting you rest on your cloud 9.

Therefore using a vibrator is not just a physiological benefit but can be a psychological asset. It’s safe to say that vibrators for women are a wellness commodity, giving them promising climaxes, and relieving tension and stress whenever they need them!

But wait! Vibrators are not only for women. This incredible sex toy has conquered the bedrooms of many men and has also been a sexual assistant for couples.

So the use of vibrators is completely genderless. As long as you know what your pleasure points are, you’ve got orgasms coming and stressing running away!

Things to consider before using a Vibrator

Here are a few questions you need to ask yourself before actually stepping into your vibrator journey. Here are the 5 must-consider things:

  1. How to use a Vibrator? – Depending on the type of vibrator you invest in, you must use it to stimulate your erogenous points, in precision.  
  2. What kind of Vibrator should you invest in? – There are many, many, many types of vibrators out there in the market. Therefore finding the perfect fit for your body and skin is all up to you!
  3. Where do I buy Vibrators? – Trust reputed sex toy brands to purchase your vibrator. Look for premium quality that is body-safe and easy to use. You can also check out our vibrator range at Wild Fantasy and explore all your pleasure options.
  4. What does a Vibrator do? – In brief, it sends vibrations at different speeds and patterns from the tip of your clit/penis/nipple to the rest of your body!
  5. What does a Vibrator feel like? - Discover the many vibrations and rumbling sensations that you will find to adore in the long run!  

Other Health Benefits of a Vibrator

As much as it’s an active pleasure machine, there are a couple of essential health benefits that can be activated by a Vibrator sex toy, leaving you both healthy and speechless. Read along to find out more:

  • Enhances your mood and emotional wellbeing in the most unbelievable way 
  • Boost sexual confidence as you know what you want!
  • Improves insomnia and enhances sleep quality
  • Can help with vaginal dryness. This can produce vaginal lubrication!
  • Assist in healing Sexual Trauma
  • Keeps your vaginal health active and running
  • Relieves Menstrual Cramps
  • Helps reduce headaches
  • Liberates discomfort from menopause
  • Ideal for sudden impromptu desires
  • Good for sensual balances
  • Helps gain better bladder control
  • Expands your pleasure horizons
  • Great bonding tool for you and your partner

Recommendations for stress free pleasures

No matter what vibrator you choose, remember to reap its benefits as much as you can! You can either focus on a particular erogenous zone or look at the versatility of your vibrator by choosing a couple vibrator models. Here are our top choices for you:

Strap U Evoke Strapless Strap On

Strap U Evoke Strapless Strap On

Get your hands on this Strapless Strap On Dildo and you are never going to regret couple-time! This sensual capsule gives you and your partner closer contact as its silicone skin is made for sensual touches, passing notes of electricity between you.

Your G-spot is going to thank you a lot more this time as the 6.25" insertable shaft enters your glory canal. What more are you waiting for? It’s an everyday hands free ride to pleasure land!







Satisfyer Wand-er Woman Vibrator

Satisfyer Wand-er Woman Vibrator


Feel sexier than ever holding the SATISFYER Wand-er Woman Vibrator! This miraculous worker is your all-in-one, pleasure + massage guru, made to induce your finest orgasms that you could ever ask for! Waterproof and easy to clean, this wondrous wand provides you with 10 rhythms and 5 different intensities, which means you can now enjoy up to 50 vibrating combinations! How exciting is that?! Release pressures, tension, stress and everything negative within your body, and watch your body glisten differently as your lay down in your afterglow!





B-Swish Bnaughty Deluxe Unleashed Bullet Vibrator


To all the feisty loving couples, get ready for a roaring load of fun and laughter, take your sexy time into a mischievous level with the Bnaughty Deluxe Unleashed bullet vibrator. With 6 escalating speeds, you will be reaching heightened ecstasies with or without a remote.

Its body-safe and easy to clean. Hand the remote over to your partner and watch them watch your squirm in pleasure as the vibrations passing into your body increase every second. Have your own kind of feisty fun and find out who is the pleasure-r between the two of you!  








In Conclusion:

Our experts and our loyal followers of Wild Fantasy strongly agree that vibrators have a soothing, stress relieving and tension breaking effect on their users. Vibrators for women have taken a wide turn towards pleasure and overall well being. However, in today’s world, vibrators are not considered ‘female vibrators’ anymore. They are genderless and are a wellness commodity to all.

In this blog, we have covered the many ways in which a vibrator can be beneficial to one’s health. We have also observed the connection in acting as a stress reliever, and as a tool to help maintain one’s mental balance and overall well being.

If you are looking out to invest in a vibrator, we suggest that you find the right vibrator that matches your needs. Head over to www.wildfantasy.com.au and discover the diverse range of Vibrators we have at Wild Fantasy, made ideally for you and your stress-free pleasure journey!