Are you missing the steamy sex you had before? 

We know how sad that is. Fret not, our team of pleasure experts at Wild Fantasy have got you covered!

The importance of maintaining a healthy and exciting sex life has a direct effect on the overall relationship satisfaction. The stronger you connect with your partner the more pleasant, meaningful and certainly healthy your relationship will be.

There are quite a lot of factors that can influence how you spice up your sex life. Communication, comfort, body confidence, and boundaries are a few of the many things that can spice up your sex life if navigated correctly. And of course the proper use of sex toys and sex gear!

In this blog, we have provided practical tips and ideas to help reignite passion and intimacy. Learn tips and tricks on how to spice up your sex life and regain the once lost love making synergy! Embrace a whole new world of sexual pleasures!


Open Communication

Discuss Desires and Boundaries

One of the most recommended ways to spice up your sex life is open communication! As pure as it gets, open and honest communication is quite important to let your partner know what you want, what you like and what you desire!

This can also improve your sexual experience. You can talk about ways to spice up your sex life, the types of positions you would like to try out, environments to experiment and sex toys to explore. All these topics are great to spice up your sex life!

Regular Check-Ins

Having regular conversations about what’s working and what’s not in the bedroom is a great place to start if you have been engaging in sexual activity for quite some time. With time, desires may change, pleasure points may change and so can attractiveness.

Check with your partner if they have any new desires, boundaries, and expectations in sexual exploration.  Give back what they desire too! Talk about the best orgasm so far and what you did to achieve it.

Talk about pains and discomfort to avoid it the next time. Communicate with respect and watch as you spice up your own sex life!


Experiment with New Activities

Try New Positions

As cliché as it sounds, positions can amplify your sexual pleasures. Alternating positions can bring about changes in pressures and can also change in angles. What you may enjoy, might not be pleasurable to someone else.

If you are trying to spice up sex life, indulging in different sexual positions to find new pleasurable experiences can be quite beneficial.

Introduce Toys

Sex toys in Australia have had a massive demand over the years. Sex toys have been a great way to spice up your sex life. With the variety in designs, innovations, technology, vibration speeds, patterns and so on, there has been quite a buzz and an increase in interest among pleasure seekers to explore most products in the market.

Things that spice up sex life must never be underestimated, as this can change your perspective on sex and love! Try out sex toys such as vibrators, dildos, wands, bondage gear, anal plugs and more for a heightened level of anticipation!


Role play can be fun if done right! As we see in our favourite sitcoms and movies, role play is purely to arouse or maybe even simply to laugh about it with your partner.

If you have been wondering how to spice up your sex life, role play can also be a great way to explore different fantasies and scenarios. For example, if your partner finds nurses to be hot or if you find fire fighters to be alarmingly sexy, ask your partner to dress up as one, and watch your mind flatter by their every move!


Focus on Foreplay

Extended Foreplay Sessions

Foreplay can be exhausting sometimes, but foreplay is quite essential. Foreplay is important in building arousal and enhancing the sexual experience. It’s also the most intimate way to initiate intense orgasms. This puts your partner’s body at ease, letting them sink into the pool of pleasures slowly.

There are quite a lot of foreplay methods that have been discovered over the years. They do not have to be only sexual as foreplay is merely a warm up. Some non-sexual foreplay ideas are kissing, cuddling, touching, sex talk, sexting and so much more.

Some sexual foreplay ideas are oral sex, change of environments, hand stimulations, unexpected touches, acting out a fantasy, building up anticipation for quite a long time, massages and teasing. While these are the most common ones found to be recorded, we’re sure you would find something more enticing to spice up your sex life!

Sensual Massages

Massages play a massive role in spicing up sex life! We recommend giving each other sensual massages to relax and connect physically. Use soothing and body safe massage oils such as virgin coconut oils and jojoba oils to massage the entire body and also your intimate areas, increasing sensitivity for penetration. And of course, it’s a whole new level of fun!


Create a Romantic Atmosphere

 Set the Mood

Learning how to spice up sex life can only be conquered by tackling the different ways to do it! Environment and atmosphere are key to spicing things up.

Set the ambience into a much more comforting, warm and welcoming one, letting your partner settle into that luxury. Slow and soft music, romantic candles, clean and comfortable bedding, great aroma, and dimmed lights are some areas for you to start. Unlock a new realm of relaxation!

Plan Date Nights

Pick up your calendar, and mark your date nights ahead! This means, no matter what happens, date might be a mandatory commitment you make towards yourself! Sexy play, communication, doing your favourite activities together, dancing and exploring the city as a couple are a few things you may consider! 

Planning regular date nights can keep the romance alive and build anticipation. Another spicy trick up our sleeves!


Explore New Locations

Change the Setting

Bedrooms are great and comfy but have you tried somewhere much kinkier? Encourage your partner to try sex in different locations, such as different rooms in the house or even a romantic getaway.

You can also try private areas that are much open to the general public, your vehicle, the backstage of your local theatre blinds or even in the back of your minivan! A little scandalous rendezvous wouldn’t hurt. But be sure you’re safe! 

Outdoor Adventures

While considering privacy and legalities, take your sexy station outdoors. Spicing up sex life needs exploration!

Outdoor sexual activities can be fun, thrilling, and for sure memorable! Make the most of it and of course, refrain from public areas. Look for comfort, safety and hygiene as you build your castle in a sexy town!


Invest in Sexual Education

Read Books and Articles

A light reading no matter what the topic is can be beneficial. If you are hoping to learn to spice up your sex life, grab a few books on Kama sutra or sexual techniques and intimacy. Refer to guides and articles on how to spice up sex life!

Attend Workshops

Sexual wellness workshops are arising in every corner these days. With people discovering the release of happy hormones and the pleasures associated with it, sexual wellness workshops are great to gather a tip or two on how to spice up your sex life! You can also consider classes focused on improving sexual health and intimacy. Try speaking to sexologists and understanding their views on how to spice up your sex life!


Prioritise Physical and Emotional Health

Exercise Regularly

Believe it or not, exercises can help you regulate your sexual health and energy levels. Aerobic exercises, cardio, jogging and so on can induce blood flow across your body. It also improves stamina and can help you keep going.

Furthermore, lung capacity, heart muscles and body muscles will be attuned to endure longer sexual sessions. In males, exercises can support erection and in women, they support vaginal lubrication and increase sensitivity in the clitoris!

Reduce Stress

Stress can be a common companion in everyday life for most of us. However, science has proven that everyday stress and tension can be reduced by indulging in good, healthy sex! To further support this notion, meditation and yoga can stand as non-sexual phenomena to help reduce stress.

Some pleasure seekers use sex toys to improve sexual desire and performance, in turn reducing stress and tension. If you are intrigued by how sex toys can be an aided support in reducing sex, read through our blog on “Relieving Stress and Tension: Discover the Benefits of Using Vibrators for Mental Balance”. 


Practice Mindfulness and Presence

Mindful Sex

Remember, another key ingredient to spice up your sex life is to be mindful and present. If you or your partner is not mindful during sex, the purpose of the process is denied. You are not true to pleasure and the act of bodily exploration. Your sexual encounter is considered meaningless!

Hence, it is essential to be mindful during sex, where both partners stay present and fully engaged in the moment. If you find your mind wandering about a problem or a situation that has been bothering you, we advise you to communicate your situation with your partner and try resolving the matter before you head back to bed!

Eye Contact and Breathing

During sex, eye contact can speak a lot of words. From letting your partner know that they are safe, to observing the pleasure through their eyes, this has always been a great kick on your sexy spice levels. And incorporate synchronised breathing during sex to deepen the connection.

Practising both, hand in hand, is sure to create a harmonious rhythm that would make you and your partner irresistible to each other.


Seek Professional Help if Needed

Couples Therapy

Are you trying harder than ever to spice up your sex life? Is your sex life hanging by a thread? As sad as it sounds, our experts’ advise that you do not let go. Instead, get a check up done.

Consider couples therapy and find solutions as a couple to open up and explore each other’s bodies. This can help you resolve your underlying issues that may affect sex.

Sexual Health Professionals

Sexual Health Professionals or your sexual wellness doctor will help you understand the anatomy of the body and the biological decomposition of your sexual issues. Low libido, erectile dysfunctions, STDs and so on are a few issues that may concern you. Always clear up your concerns with your sexual health professionals, and adhere to their advice and support.


Our Epilogue to You:  

And that concludes our narrative on how to spice up your sex life! Sex is the biological process that revolves around pleasure, arousal, connection and bonding. It has always been the perfect way to get to know your partner, and be one!

However, with the current responsibilities, stressors and medical concerns, your sex life might not be as upscale as it used to be! In order to guide you through these unfortunate events, our experts at Wild Fantasy have made life easier for you in one blog.

This blog has emphasised that spicing up a sex life requires effort, creativity, and communication. Hence, we encourage you to explore new ideas and maintain an open mind towards enhancing your sexual experiences.

Remember, a fulfilling and meaningful sex life contributes significantly to overall relationship happiness and well-being. Isn’t that all you ever wanted?

If you intend to keep the game going, invest in some premium quality sex toys from Wild Fantasy and spice up your sex life like never before!