Whether you’re in a rut or want to add a little spice to your bedroom activities, you have come to the right place. From exploring anal pleasure to bringing toys into the bedroom, here are some of our top sex tips for men, and toy suggestions to elevate your next orgasm. 

Every Sharp Tongue Can Have Some Pleasurable Tricks

This is the once sex tip you want to take away from this blog. From oral play to improving your kissing techniques, using your tongue in different ways can create new and delightful pleasures. By using different movements and pressures you can tailor your techniques to moves your partner[s] enjoy. You can use your tongue all over your partner’s body and focus on their endogenous zones. With light flicks and deep rubs, you can elicit toe curling pleasure within your partner. Take your time to explore different techniques and see which movements appeal to your lover. 

Add A Cock Ring To Your Next Play Session 

For those who don’t know, using a cock ring can make all the difference to your sex life. From creating longer lasting erections to sending pleasurable vibrations down your penis, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t want to add one to your collection. And one of the best things about cock rings is that there is a lot for you to choose from. A cock ring sits snugly at the base of your penis and allows you to engage in sexual activities as you wear it. This is a fun sex tip that will work for most men. 

If you’re wanting to add a cock ring to your bedroom activities, here are some of our top picks:



Satisfyer Incredible Duo Vibrating Cockring










Boneyard Silicone Ring 5 Pc Kit Cock Ring










Hot Octopuss Atom Plus Cockring


Incorporate Some Anal Play

While it might feel daunting at first, stimulating your prostate through anal play will create new pleasures you wouldn’t have experienced before. Of course, this men's sex tip will take some practice to begin with, but you can slowly explore different techniques and methods of anal play until you find the best one for you. Now, you may be asking, what are some of the best ways to stimulate your prostate? Some of the best stimulating methods are stroking, thrusting and vibrating. Men’s anuses are filled with nerve endings that give delicious sensations when correctly stimulated. However, if you do want to explore anal play, start with smaller body safe toys and work your way up to larger ones. 

From anal beads to dildos, here are some of Wild Fantasty’s top anal toys:



Satisfyer Lolli Plug 2 Vibrating Anal Plug










B-Vibe USB Rechargeable Rimming Plug










CalExotics Colt Anal Trainer Kit


Sexual Tension Starts Outside The Bedroom

Now, this sex tip is a little different from our other ones. It can be tempting to get right into things, but it can be more fun to work your way up to it. Go out on a date and tease and taunt your partner. Send some smouldering looks, finish your night with a romantic gesture and make them feel sexy. Doing so will not only get you in the mood, but it will also tempt your partner. By adding a little romance, you can ensure you’re both interested and ready for a little fun. 

Use Ample Amounts Of Lube

Using lube might not seem like a hot sex tip, be we promise it will only increase your pleasure. Lubricants are a fantastic tool that gives you nothing but frictionless pleasure. Whether you’re wanting to engage in a little anal play, or are interested in using other body parts, a squirt of lube will make all the difference. 

But how can you know what the best lube is for you? Take a look at our Beginner’s Guide to Lubricants for more information about the different types and what body parts they’re best used for. 

Explore Your Partner’s Body 

We all have different erogenous zones, and half the fun is discovering where they are. Using your hands and tongue, you can discover new pleasure points that will entice your partner. Start from their head and work your way down to their toes, see what areas entice them and enjoy some explorative fun. And for some extra pleasure, you could also include a vibrator. Just relax, enjoy yourself, and give your partner delicious sensations. 

Let Your Partner Take Control

One of the best sex tips we can give men is to let your partner take control. While this doesn't have to happen every time, letting your partner take control for a while can strengthen your relationship and help you learn what they like. Allowing your partner to take control can mean many things. From engaging in BDSM play to trying new positions, you can explore different ways to experience pleasure. And it never hurts to let your partner come up with pleasurable ideas. 

Throw On A Costume And Get Steamy With Some Roleplay

Discuss with your partner and see what roleplay interest they might have. Of course, this sex tip may not work for everyone, but you can learn what your partner enjoys and live out a sexual fantasy. Typically, one partner will play a dominant role, while the other is a little more submissive. Just have a look online for some outfits and see what options speak to you and your partner. 

Try Edging

Orgasms feel good, and delaying them will only build your gratification when you finally allow yourself to cum. Edging refers to delaying your orgasm by slowing down as you get closer to climaxing. By training yourself to hold off your release, you’re able to give yourself a bigger, more pleasurable orgasm when you eventually do. Practising edging will help you last longer during sex and make a more satisfying experience for you and your partner. 

Watch Porn Together And Get Some Ideas

See what you and your partner like by watching porn together. You can learn new tricks and sex tips for men by watching porn together. Doing so will open your relationship and help strengthen your relationship. If you see anything that interests you, there’s no harm in trying it the next time you have sex. Browse through different porn options and see what sex techniques stand out to you and your partner. 

Masturbating Together Can Be A Lot Of Fun

You don’t always need to always sex to enjoy a good time. Laying side by side and masturbating is a deliciously pleasurable experience that can show you all your partner’s hidden pleasure points. As a top sex tip, we highly recommend mutual masturbation as a way to connect with your partner. And, if you’re feeling adventurous, you can also add toys to your sexual exploration. 

Talk Dirty To Each Other

This sex tip can be used inside and outside the bedroom. Talking dirty has the fantastic ability to not only get you in the mood but your partner as well. It can sound a little ridiculous, to begin with, but it can be a lot of fun. It will bring you close to your partner, and let’s face it, the closer you are, the more fun this will be. Whether it’s over the phone or in person you can have a lot of fun with dirty talking. 

Sex Doesn’t End After Your Orgasm

After experiencing your sexual release, cuddle with your partner and enjoy each other's company. Doing so will show you prioritise intimacy and affection.