Trying to find a balance between your day-to-day life and your personal life is a challenge everyone struggles with. But that doesn’t mean that maintaining a healthy sex life isn’t important. Rather than getting caught up in the everyday grind, take a moment for yourself and your sex life. 

Today we’re going to go over some of the ways you can improve your sex life. 

Research New Sex Toys Or Try Something New

One of the best ways to get yourself out of a rut is by trying something new. Whether you choose to do this solo or talk through it with your partner, you can make your sex life more interesting by adding new and exciting elements. From trying different sex toys to attempting other sex positions. There are plenty of ways you can incorporate new elements into your sex life. Here are some of our top toys that will give you a tantalising experience. 



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Set The Mood

It can be tempting to fall back on the same old thing, however, by creating a mood, you can explore, tempt and tease both you and your partner. From lighting a few candles to putting on some background music, you and your partner can get comfortable relaxing in each other's presence. After all, sex is better when you’re in the mood for it. 

Book A Hotel Room

Have a change of scenery and have sex in a new location. Have a night out on the town and go back to your room to enjoy each other's company. Don’t stick to your everyday routine, and make your sex life exciting by doing something out of the ordinary. See where the experience takes you and they might even make it a regular occurrence. 

Focus On Yourself

There’s no harm in enjoying a little self-pleasure. One of the best ways to improve your sex life is to understand yourself and focus on your needs. Feeling good about yourself is about more than just our self-esteem, it’s about knowing and having confidence in yourself. So, take some time to explore your needs and see if there’s any area you want to focus on. You may find all you need is some R&R. 

Build Anticipation

Tease yourself and your partner during the lead-up to any fun plans you’re organising. From steamy text messages to sultry looks, you can build tension and anticipation towards the main event. This step may take some practice, but after a little time, it will happen with ease. See what suggestive motions you can come up with and help you and your partner prepare. 

From adding sex toys to changing the scenery, there are many ways you can add a little romance to your relationship. 

Let us know if you have any useful tips for getting into the mood.