We are constantly compelled to believe that sex toys in Australia are for either males or females. But this isn’t the case. A lot of pleasurable sex toys are gender neutral and can be used to stimulate different erogenous zones. 

Sex toys in Australia can be used all over your body no matter what your gender may be. At Wild Fantasy, we’re here to help you unlock delicious pleasure. Whether you prefer anal stimulation, a full body pleasure session, or targeted stimulation, we have a range of products that will give you toe curling orgasms.  

How To Select Good Sex Toys For You

Finding the perfect sex toys for you in Australia can take some time. There are many online and physical stores you can go to, but knowing what the best options are is where it becomes challenging. While most sex toys are gender neutral, many market to either males or females. Here are some tips for finding the best sex toys in Australia. 

Focus on your pleasure, not the packaging

While most sex toys market toward a particular gender, that doesn’t mean others can’t use them as well. Depending on the type of stimulation you want to experience, sex toys will enhance the experience for you. As you look for new sex toys in Australia, don’t focus on the packaging, rather focus on the product features and see if it’s something you enjoy. 

Read the product descriptions

The best way to understand how a sex toy works are by reading the product descriptions. At Wild Fantasy,  we detail the features of our toys, give cleaning tips and provide measurements. You can find out everything about our toys before purchasing them to ensure you’re getting the best options for you. This step may feel long and drawn out, but it will help you find the best sex toys in Australia. 

Search for items that suit your needs

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with how many items are available, you can always search for categories or features. Using the Wild Fantasy search bar, you can select categories, type in key words and look for the ideal sex toys for you. The search bar takes the annoyance out of scrolling through complete categories, and offers items that align with what you’re looking for. 

Take your time

This step is usually downplayed, but you don’t have to rush to find the perfect sex toys for you. Take your time to look at different options and search for products you know you will enjoy. At Wild Fantasy, we want you to experience your deepest pleasures. Slowly browse through our products until you find the best sex toys in Australia. 

Our Top 10 Gender Neutral Sex Toys

One of the best ways to experience pleasure, whether it’s with a partner or solo, is by incorporating sex toys. Sex toys brings pleasure to anyone, regardless of gender. If you’re wanting to experience unbeatable stimulation, here are our top 10 gender neutral sex toys.  



Rocks Off Single Speed Mini Bullet Vibrator


Bring a little luxury to your sex toy collection with our Rocks Off Single Speed Mini Bullet Vibrator. It’s petite, discreet and offers strong precision stimulation. Transition from a full body experience to targeted stimulation by simply running your vibrator up and down your body. Read through the product description to learn if this is the best sex toy in Australia for you. 





Lovetoy My First Non-Sticky Bondage Tape


Pick your favourite colour and let the fun begin. Our Lovetoy My First Non-Sticky Bondage Tape is the ideal addition to any restrictive play. It sticks only to itself leaving no residue on your skin. The hardest thing you need to do is choose a colour. 





Satisfyer Wand-Er Woman Vibrator


With an impressive XXL size, you can experience full body pleasure with a simple push of a button. Stimulate all your erogenous zones before stopping at your genitalia. With 50 vibration combinations, our Satisfyer Wand-Er Woman Vibrator soothes, eases and stimulates all your stressors away. To top it all off, this sex toy is waterproof and easy to clean. 





Lovetoy Glass Nodules Romance 2 7" Dildo


Once you use a glass dildo there’s no turning back. Change the temperature of our Lovetoy Glass Nodules Romance 2 7" Dildo to experience new and exciting stimulation. Use hot water for warmer pleasure, or leave your glass dildo in the fridge for cooler penetrations. The only thing you have to remember is to add lube for frictionless stimulation.   





Hot Octopuss Plex With Flex Butt Plug


This is one of the best sex toys in Australia for solo or partner play. With the included remote control, take command of your pleasure and enjoy deep stimulation. The fantastic design makes reaching your orgasm a seamless experience. Check out our product description to learn more about this stunning butt plug. 





Fifty Shades Of Grey Bound To You Small Paddle


Using handcrafted faux leather, our Fifty Shades Of Grey Bound To You Small Paddle is an incredible addition to your play sessions. It comes with a satin storage bag and is easy to pack for romantic getaways. Switch between firm slaps and sensual strokes and give your partner an unforgettable release. 





Hueman Space Force Vibrating Anal Plug


Our Hueman Space Force Vibrating Anal Plug has 4 delicious motion settings that will leave your knees shaking in pleasure. With a tapered tip for easy insertion, it’s a fantastic butt plug for beginners. It’s USB rechargeable and will give you endless hours of pleasure. Take a look at the product description to see if this is something you might be interested in. 





Satisfyer Endless Fun Couples Vibrator


Whether it’s for solo or partner play, our Satisfyer Endless Fun Couples Vibrator is a great addition to your collection. With a 180 degree rotational head, it’s a sensational gender neutral toy for all play sessions. Using body safe silicone, you can stimulate your internal and external erogenous zones. Turn on your toy and experience intense pleasure waves. 





Frisky Ass Spinner Anal Plug


Brighten your foreplay with our Frisky Ass Spinner Anal Plug. With LED light patterns, you can keep your partner entertained with an eye catching fidget spinner. The tapered shape makes it a fantastic toy for beginners. Just choose a light pattern and let the fun begin. 





Lelo Ella Double Ended Dildo


Enjoy deep penetration pleasure with our Lelo Ella Double Ended Dildo. With p spot and g spot precisions, this is a great gender neutral toy for everyone. Take control of your pleasure anytime and anywhere with a waterproof dildo. Read through the product description to see if this is something you would be interested in. 



Get the best sex toys in Australia at Wild Fantasy

At Wild Fantasy, all our pleasurable products come from Australia’s leading sex toy suppliers. We have a little something for all your fantasies. Whether you’re looking for some anal fun or a delicious full body experience, we know we have the perfect products for you. Take your time to browse our store and find a new sex toy to add to your collection.