From internal to external stimulation, there are many ways you can use vibrators in your pleasure sessions. 

At Wild Fantasy, we have a range of items that are perfect for men and women. Whether you’re after some deep stimulation or some external teasing, we have a range of options that will give you pleasure.  

Today we’re going to go over finding the best vibrators for you and list some of our top selling options. Go through our suggestions and add a new item to your pleasure sessions. 

How To Find The Best Vibrators In Australia Online

Buying the best vibrators in Australia online can be a bit of a challenge as you can’t see the product in person. While purchasing your vibrators online is more convenient, there’s always the concern that the items will be faulty. To help make your search easier, we have some tips to improve your experience. 

Read the product descriptions

Finding a reputable site can take some time. One of the best ways to ensure your ordering from an ideal site is by reading through all the information provided in product descriptions. At Wild Fantasy, we detail everything about our items so you know exactly what you’re purchasing. Sites that have detailed descriptions of their products don’t have anything to hide. You can go through this information to ensure you’re receiving the best items. 

Look for reviews

Learn from other customers’ experiences and find out whether a product is worth purchasing. You may need to do a little research online to find individual product reviews, however, this will help give you an idea about what the best vibrators are. See what information you can find and buy the best vibrators online. 

Purchase known brands

One way to know you're purchasing great items is by buying known brands. At Wild Fantasy, we source all our vibrators from Australia’s leading sex toy suppliers. With a range of top selling brands, you can shop in confidence knowing you’re receiving the best quality products. Take your time to see what options are available and choose the best vibrators for you. 

Check delivery information 

Find out everything you can about a company before purchasing from them. Ideally for Australians, you want to shop with Australian based businesses so you don’t have a long wait time. Learn about delivery times by going to the business's Shipping & Delivery page to see if your items will be delivered in a reasonable time. This will help you determine whether or not to go with a particular supplier. 

Wild Fantasy’s Best Vibrators In Australia 

At Wild Fantasy, we want our customers to experience the best toe curling pleasure. All our top selling vibrators come with a range of features that will bring you unforgettable stimulation. Take a look at our top selling options and add something new to your collection. 


B-Swish Bcute Classic Intimate Vibrating Massager


With 5 functions and up to 3 hours of playtime, we know you will have a lot of fun with our B-Swish Bcute Classic Intimate Vibrating Massager. It’s a waterproof item that you can take anywhere. Read through the product description to see if this is the perfect vibrator for your collection. 




Hot Octopuss Jett Male Vibrator


Your fun never has to end with our rechargeable Hot Octopuss Jett Male Vibrator. Using treble and bass sensations, you can enjoy a hands free experience. With 5 speeds and 5 vibrations, we know you will have a lot of fun with this top selling vibrator in Australia. See if this is the perfect vibrator for you by reading through our product description. 




Satisfyer Hot Lover Rabbit Vibrator


Stimulate your clitoris and g-spot at the same time with our Satisfyer Hot Lover Rabbit Vibrator. This rabbit vibrator has a warming feature that explores new ways of pleasure. With 12 vibration settings and your ability to create new functions, you can experience amazing orgasms. Give yourself memorable pleasure with this delightful vibrator. 




Rocks Off Cocktail Dual Vibrating Stimulator


Let your partner take control of your pleasure with our Rocks Off Cocktail Dual Vibrating Stimulator. As a top selling vibrator in Australia, this is a great toy for couples. This vibrator pleasures both the anus and vagina whilst also stimulating the penis. Just choose your preferred colour and experience double the pleasure. 




OTouch Airturn 1 Heating Masturbator


Our OTouch Airturn 1 Heating Masturbator has 2 warming functions and 7 vibration settings. With studs and ridges for optimal stimulation, we know you will enjoy every moment. As a silent and waterproof toy, you can experience pleasure anywhere. Go through the product description to see if this is the new vibrator you have been looking for. 




B-Swish Bcharmed Basic Plus Vibrating Cock Ring


Take control over your pleasure with the B-Swish Bcharmed Basic Plus Vibrating Cock Ring. This is a soft and flexible vibrator for solo and partner play. It has 5 vibrations for extra pleasure with a snug fit so you can last longer in no time. With two colours to choose from, you can bring some spice to your playtime. 




Seven Creations Classic Clit Stimulator Vibrating Dildo


If you’re looking for deep, penetrative vibrations, this is a great option for you. Our Seven Creations Classic Clit Stimulator Vibrating Dildo is a super realistic design and large girth for extra stimulation. It’s made from silky smooth silicone and will give you a memorable orgasm. Find out more about the included features by reading our product description. 




Hot Octopuss Kurve Vibrator


Give your partner control over your pleasure with our Hot Octopuss Kurve Vibrator. This sensational toy is waterproof and will give you endless pleasure. Using bass and treble technology is specially contoured to target your g-spot. Read the product description to see if this is the best vibrator for you. 




Lelo Gigi 2 Vibrator
Lelo Gigi 2 Vibrator


Oh-em-GiGi! Have you ever experienced the body shakes of a full-blown G-spot orgasm? You’re about to. The world-famous GIGI™ 2 takes G-spot orgasms to a whole new level. Its curved and flattened tip accurately targets your G-spot perfectly for exhilarating solo pleasure, every time.



Why Should You Get Your Vibrators From Wild Fantasy?

At Wild Fantasy, we source only the best vibrators in Australia for our customers. So if you’re looking for a pleasurable experience, you have come to the right place. Think about your pleasure as you browse our Vibrator collection

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