Be selfish and focus on your sexual release.

Ladies, it’s time to put yourself first!

It’s a social belief that you need to be in a relationship to maintain a healthy sex life. But this is no longer the case. As lovely as being in a relationship is, it is just as important to put yourself first. You can be single and still give yourself outstanding, toe curling, relaxing pleasure. 

Turn inwards and think of only yourself. You are the only one who matters, so spend some time doing what you like. Whether it’s having a lovely masturbation session, going out for the night or having a pamper session, there are plenty of options available that don’t require being in a relationship. 

The Importance Of Self Love

It’s time to learn how to appreciate being you. Everyone is different, but we are all still prone to compare ourselves to others. We need to take a step back now and then. See ourselves for who we are and all the things we can do. Creating moments where we reset and put our needs first is essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

Self love is all about putting your own needs first. It doesn’t necessarily need to be sexual, but maintaining a healthy emotional, physical and spiritual state is key. Take the time to make sure your needs are met. Have positive thoughts and set healthy boundaries. Do things that improve your self worth and build your self esteem. 

Over the last couple of years, we have experienced more than enough isolation. Stress has built up, and now it’s time for us to take control and put ourselves first. Ladies need to focus on themselves, and the ideal way to start is with a female sex toy. 

Taking the time to care for yourself and your sexual health is pivotal to reducing stress and maintaining a healthier lifestyle. Female sex toys are designed to stimulate your internal and external pleasure points. Finding your sexual release is just as important as any other lifestyle choice you make. 

At Wild Fantasy, we have put together a fantastic range of woman's sex toys in our Sex Toys for Her collection. Find the perfect female toy for you and alleviate some of your stress. 

Our Guide To Finding The Best Self Love Toys  

Finding the ideal female sex toys doesn’t have to be complicated. Think about what you like and what you have tried before. This is a time to put your needs first, so focus on what will make you feel like a queen. There are plenty of items to choose from. Here are some different types of toys we have available: 

Bullet Vibrators 

Target your pleasure point with precision accuracy. Bullet vibrators are designed to target your most intimate areas. They come in a range of styles, colours and shapes. They may be small, but they are mighty, and they will bring you numerous blissful climaxes. It’s the ideal woman sex toy to bring you toe curling release. If you’re looking for suggestions, why not have a look at some of our favourites?

With pinpoint precision and 10 different vibration settings, the Coco Vibrator will be the star of the show. 

The Touch Of Velvet By Rocks Off is a petite bullet vibrator with a deceiving power that will curl your toes. 

The Satisfyer Ultra Power Bullet 3 is waterproof and has 12 different vibration patterns so that you can continue your play in the shower or bath. 




Rabbit Vibrators

Ladies can enjoy the best of both worlds as our rabbit vibes are ideal for internal and external stimulation. Tickle your g-spot while stimulating your clit. Self love is all about putting your needs first, and our rabbit vibrators will leave you walking on clouds. It’s time to melt your stress away with a vibe that will bring you immense pleasure. Here are some of our favourites:   

Bring yourself a blissful release with the Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit. Strength and power have never looked so luxurious. Enjoy the two different motors as they stimulate you in different ways. 

Pleasure yourself in a bath or shower. The Bwild Classic Marine Vibe is completely waterproof so that you can experience a climax in water. 

The impressive XXL size is the perfect way to stimulate your erogenous zones. Ladies will fall in love with the Satisfyer Vibes Mr Rabbit as it penetrates and fills you while giving exquisite stimulation. 




Body Massages 

Self love doesn’t need to revolve around finding release. Ladies can also relax their muscles and settle down for a euphoric evening. Massage away your stress and revive yourself with a full body massager. Release the tension all over your body and have a relaxing time by yourself. Here are some of our go to options:

Ladies can enjoy the interchangeable heads with the Satisfyer Double Wand-Er. Target your erogenous zones all over your body and feel the stress melt away. 

The curved streamline shape of the Satisfyer Wand-Er Woman makes full body relaxation easier to accomplish. All you need to do is sit back and focus on your tighter areas. 






Clitoral Suction Vibrators

Focus on giving immense pleasure to your clitoris. Clitoral suction vibrators mimic the motions of oral sex, giving you intense orgasms by yourself. This is a must have female sex toy for every collection. Your clit deserves a little attention, and these female toys are perfect for the job. 

Feel luxurious with the Satisfyer Prêt-À-Porter Vibrator. This fantastic toy suctions to your clit and gives intense vibrating sensations. The 11 pressure waves will give you endless pleasure. 

This will be your new favourite sexual companion. Our Satisfyer Penguin-Next Generation Clitoral Suction Vibrating Massager is cute yet filled with pleasurable sensations. Give yourself a toe curling release with your new best friend. 

Experience what it means to live luxuriously. The Satisfyer High Fashion Clitoral Suction Vibrator is designed to target your pleasure points and look fabulous while doing so. 




Glass Dildos

They're easy to clean and give you a harder penetration. Lades can stimulate their deepest pleasure points and mould their bodies around the dildo. The slick surface requires less lubricant, and any added will be long lasting. With different colours, shapes and designs available, you can add a touch of class to your female sex toy collection. 

Add a little ribbing for extra stimulation with the Lovetoy Glass Romance 7.5" Dildo. The continuous motions will give you new and exciting sensations.  

Change things up and use a dildo with titillating nodules. Our Lovetoy Glass Nodules Romance 2 7" Dildo lovingly caresses your internal erogenous zones and brings you to a jaw dropping release. 

Stay smooth and classy with our classic Lovetoy Glass Romance 1 7" Dildo. Designed to resemble a penis, you can repeatedly stimulate your g spot. 




Vibrating Dildos

We are still building our collection, but that doesn't mean we don't have some tantalizing options available. Our Vibrating dildos can be used all over your body. Start by stimulating your erogenous zones and finish with inserting in either your anus or vagina. They're the perfect female sex toy designed for self love. 

This toy can be used just for your enjoyment. The Strap U Evoke Strapless Strap On is designed for couple playtime, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy it solo as well. 

Clone your partner's penis for you to enjoy on your own. The Clone A Willy Vibrating Dildo will make a replica of any penis for your enjoyment. Turn on the vibrations and let your imagination wander. 

Try a little anal stimulation. Stimulate your anus with a vibrating dildo. The Hueman Intergalactic Anal Plug Vibrator reaches deep inside you, and the flared base prevents over insertion. 




Butt Plugs

Your anus houses numerous nerve endings, and by simply stimulating them, you can bring yourself amazing pleasure. While it might be daunting to try, anal play will give you immense pleasure. At Wild Fantasy, we have many different types of anal plugs available, but that doesn't mean you need to shop blind. Here are some of our top anal plugs for female pleasure. 

Turn on the vibrator before inserting and experience a new and exciting pleasure. The Rocks Off Petite Sensations Anal Plug is perfect for beginners wishing to test the water. Just add plenty of lube and let the fun begin. 

Control your pleasure with a remote. The B-Swish Bfilled Classic Unleashed Vibrating Anal Plug comes with a remote allowing you to change the speed or vibration pattern seamlessly. 

Pick your favourite colours and start training. Our Satisfyer Booty Call Anal Butt Plug Set comes with three anal plugs. Add a little anal exploration to your self love sessions. 

Why Should You Buy Your Self Love Toys From Wild Fantasy?

At Wild Fantasy, we know maintaining a healthy sex life doesn’t need to be just for couples. We have a complete range of products designed to keep your self love session in mind. Have a look at our Sex Toys for Her range and find the perfect items to make your next playtime memorable. 

We have sourced only the highest quality female sex toys for your pleasure. From full body relaxation to precise pleasure, we have a little something for everyone. Find your ideal female toys and experience a blissful release.