At Wild Fantasy, we source all our products from Australia’s leading sex toy suppliers. 

If you’re ever unsure about what sex toy brands to purchase, here are some of our store's best sex toy brands. In this blog, we have provided some background to our sex toy brands and offer some suggestions for our favourite products. 

Our Top Selling Sex Toys Brands In Australia

Whether you’re buying a sex toy for the first time or have a small collection already, here are some of our leading sex toy brands. Learn more about them and have a look at some of our most popular products. 

wildfantasy Satisfyer


Satisfyer is one of the leading sex toy brands in Australia. They launched their first Satisfyer toy in 2016 and have since created different types of innovative technology. Many of their products are compatible with their Satisfyer App allowing you to control your sex toy with your phone. Here are some of our best selling Satisfyer products. 

With a sensual warming function, the Satisfyer Hot Lover Rabbit Vibrator gives you internal and external stimulation. 

Males and females can enjoy anal play like never before with our Satisfyer Lolli Plug 1 Vibrating Anal Plug.

The Satisfyer Power Ring Vibrating Cockring is perfect for couples and solo play. Made with body safe silicone, this cock ring is waterproof and delivers immense pleasure. 




Lelo is one of our more elegant sex toy brands. They specicalise in creating sex toys that are as stylish as any item you would have on display. Lelo takes pride in making extraordinary hi-tech intimacy accessible worldwide. From clit suckers to dildos, they have elevated the sex toy industry, making it beautiful and functional. 

The compact and discreet design of our Lelo Mia 2 Mini Vibrator allows you to enjoy pleasure anywhere. 

Stimulate your g-spot with the Lelo Ella Double Ended Dildo. While it is non vibrating, it still offers a range of unforgettable sensations. 

Enhance your sex by wearing the Lelo Noa Couples Massager. As the thicker shaft stimulates her clit, the smaller rod can be inserted into your vagina, leaving plenty of room for penetration. 




B-Swish specialises in developing affordable, chic, and body safe personal massagers. From vibrating cock rings to bullet vibes, they have a little something for everyone. At Wild Fantasy, we have a selection of their products available. They’re safe and easy to use, making them the perfect addition to any personal collection. Browse through our available products and try a new type of pleasure. 

With five exhilarating functions, our B-Swish Bgood Classic Vibrator is whisper quiet and waterproof. 

Unleash your pleasure with the B-Swish Bfilled Classic Unleashed Vibrating Anal Plug. Go through the different vibrating settings and add new sensations to your anal play. 

You and your partner can enjoy our B-Swish Bcharmed Basic Cock Ring Vibrator. Wrap the ring around your penis, and you and your partner can enjoy the stimulations. 


Hot Octopuss

Hot Octopuss

Using cutting edge technology, Hot Octopuss has developed innovative sex toys that give pleasure to their users. Hot Octopuss has a vast selection of products for you to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a vibrator or masturbator, they have a range of sex toys that introduce you to different pleasures. Here are some of our best selling options. 

Put the Hot Octopuss Jett Male Vibrator on your flaccid penis and let the stimulations bring you to climax with a hands free experience. 

There’s no need to stroke when you put the Hot Octopuss Pulse Solo Essential Masturbator on your shaft. With tantalising vibrations, you will soon experience a blissful release. 

With the Hot Octopuss Kurve Vibrator, women can enjoy a g-spot stimulating internal vibrator. 




Lovetoy started its business by listening to users' needs and thoughts. They built their brand off customer feedback and created toys using that information. With every valuable suggestion that comes in, Lovetoy will do its best to fulfil it. At Wild Fantasy, we have a vast range of items for you to choose from. With dildos and cock rings, there’s a little something for everyone. 

If you’re looking for a silicone free sex toy, here is our Lovetoy Glass Romance 1 7" Dildo. Our glass dildos are a fantastic addition that’s easy to clean and gives you unforgettable pleasure. 

Pick your favourite colour and enjoy some bondage play with our Lovetoy Fetish Bondage Rope

Our Lovetoy Power Clit Vibrating Heart Cockring is soft, flexible and easy to use. Just pick your favourite vibration setting and enjoy a wonderful playtime. 




Embodying the mystery and beauty of the universe, Hueman has created a stunning collection of out of this world sex toys. Explore different parts of the galaxy as you seek blissful release. Our Hueman range includes a variety of cock rings and anal plugs. Have a look at our selection and add a new sex toy brand to your playtimes. 

Place the ring around the base of your penis and enjoy a longer lasting erection. The Hueman Neptune Vibrating Cock Ring With Remote sends vibrations down your shaft, creating a longer playtime. 

Stimulate your p-spot with our Hueman Space Invader Vibrating Anal Plug. With each thumping motion, you’ll be brought closer to release. 

Whether you’re enjoying some solo or partner play, you can never go wrong with the Hueman Saturn Vibrating Cock & Ball Ring. It’s a cock ring that helps you last for hours which makes it one of our best selling sex toys in Australia. 




If you’re looking for a sex toy with a bit of bling, our Daytona brand is the best choice for you. At Wild Fantasy, we stock a range of Daytona butt plugs that add a little sparkle to your playtimes. Whether it’s for your own personal use or for your partner to enjoy, their selection of anal plugs is a beautiful addition to your sessions. 

Add a little sparkle to your anal play with the Daytona Gold Anal Plug With Purple Diamante

If you prefer a pretty silicone plug over a metal one, we highly recommend our Daytona Red Silicone Red Diamond Anal Plug

The Daytona Metal Small Butt Plug is the perfect butt plug for beginners. It’s small and easy to insert while also adding a hint of glam. 


Rocks Off

Rocks Off

Rocks Off pride themselves on creating fully submersive, 100% waterproof products (unless stated otherwise). They make elegant and chic sex toys that bring you a world of pleasure. Immerse yourself in delightful sensations that will give you immense pleasure with one of the most popular sex toy brands in Australia. Have a look at our complete range of products and see which toy speaks to you. 

With its luxurious style, the Rocks Off Zinnia Bullet Vibrator proves why Rocks Off is one of the leading sex toy brands in Australia. 

Experience massaging vibrations across your body with our Rocks Off Oriel Wand Vibrator. Focus on your erogenous zones and let the Oriel do all the work for you. 

Our Rocks Off Petite Sensations Bubbles Anal Plug is beginner friendly and easy to insert. With seven vibrations and pulsations, you will quickly experience a blissful release. 


Strap U

Strap U

Enjoy a new type of penetrative pleasure with our Strap U collection. The Strap U sex toy brand specialises in creating all kinds of harness related dildos. Whether you’re looking for a harness with a dildo attached or one without, we have several choices available. Here are some of our more popular products. 

The Strap U Ripples Silicone Dildo easily fits into any of our Strap U harnesses. With ripples along one side of the dildo, you will be able to experience an unforgettable pleasure. 

Our Strap U Avalon Jock Style Strap On Harness is comfortable to wear and completely adjustable. The only thing missing from this sex toy is a dildo of your choice. 

The Strap U Urge Strapless Strap On With Remote easily sits inside your vagina while the other end can be repeated thrust into your partner. 


Clone A Willy

Clone A Willy

If you’re looking for a novelty sex toy brand, our Clone A Willy range is perfect for you. All you need to do is choose a colour and type. All our Clone A Willy products have a vibrating component, giving you extra pleasure. Try something new and make a copy of your partner's penis. 

Make a replica of your partner's penis and balls with our Clone A Willy Plus Balls Kit Vibrating Dildo. 

Our Clone A Willy's Glow In The Dark Vibrating Dildo comes with a unique formula that glows in the dark. All you need to do is follow the steps to make your own sex toy. 

Add the vibrating motor and have some bedroom fun creating your own Clone A Willy Vibrating Dildo.




Enter into a world of bondage with some of our Strict products. From tying your partner to the bed to over the door restraints, there are numerous ways you can incorporate a little bondage play into your pleasure sessions. Whether you’re a beginner or have some experience, Strict has some fantastic options for all to enjoy. 

Our Strict Slave Bondage Shackle Set comes with a collar, cuffs and chains. You can limit your partner's mobility and enjoy bondage filled playtime. 

Add some sexy leather and metal with the Strict Female Bondage Chest Harness. With attachment points available, you can add other accessories like wrist cuffs and leashes. 

Our Strict 7 Pc Bondage Adventure Set is ideal for all experience levels. All cuffs are lined with faux fur for a comfortable and plush playtime. 


Fetish Collection

Fetish Collection 

Introduce a little sensual play to your next session. Add a ball gag, tickler, wax play and more to your following play times with some of our Fetish Collection. Spice up your weekend getaway, bedroom play and more with one of these fantastic items. Here are some of our favourite items for you to explore. 

Completely restrict your partner's movements with the Easy Toys Fetish Collection Under Mattress Restraint Set. Place the restraint under your mattress and experience some thrilling bondage play. 

Liven up your playtimes with our Easy Toys Fetish Collection Small Tickler. Gently move the tickler across your partner's skin to create sensual stimulations. 

Introduce a gag to your BDSM play. Our Easy Toys Fetish Collection Silicone Bit Gag is perfect for pony play and restrictive pleasure. 




Talk openly about masturbation with our Womanizer sex toy brand. Womanizer believes that solo love is the best practice and has created a range of products for women to enjoy. With clit suckers and vibrators for you to choose from, we have the perfect suggestions to elevate your solo masturbation sessions. 

Ladies can focus on their pleasure with our Womanizer Premium 2 Air Pulse Clitoral Vibrator. With air pleasure technology, you can relax and enjoy fourteen intensity levels. 

The Womanizer Premium Eco Rose Clitoral Stimulator is the first pleasure air sex toy made from sustainable, renewable materials. It’s vegan friendly and has twelve intensity levels. 

Stimulate your g-spot and enjoy air pleasure stimulation with the Womanizer Duo Vibrator. It’s completely waterproof and will give you immense pleasure. 




As one of our best selling sex toy brands in Australia, B-Vibe specialises in creating high end anal pleasures. Their main mission is to encourage exploration through education and offer a range of delectable anal products. Using unique anal pleasure technology, all B-Vibe products tantalisingly tease and stimulate your anal cavity. 

Our B-Vibe Snug Plug 3 Anal Plug is the perfect choice for beginners. This weighted plug is a fantastic way to train your anus. 

With rotating beads and tib vibrations, there are numerous types of stimulation you can feel with the B-Vibe USB Rechargeable Petite Rimming Plug

As one of the best selling sex toy brands in Australia, the B-Vibe USB Rechargeable Rimming Plug is the first premium plug to incorporate rimming sensations and tip vibrations. 


Palm Power

Palm Power

Experience unbelievable power from a small source with our Palm Power collection. Palm Power creates unforgettable pleasure with a simple push of a button. With an undying demand, Palm Power is looking for more ways to increase the power for more stimulating pleasure. Here are some of our top selling options to give you unlimited pleasure. 

With the portable power pack, you can enjoy the Palm Power Plug & Play Massage Wand anytime, anywhere. 

The Palm Power Waterproof Recharge Massage Wand pivots as you move. It’s made with body safe silicone and can be used all over the body. 

Our Palm Power Pocket Massage Wand is the perfect travel companion for your next trip. It comes with a silicone case to keep it clean and ready for use. 


Four Seasons

Four Seasons

Four Seasons are advocates for safe sex and condom research. They specialise in creating comfortable condoms in various textures and sizes. Four Seasons is an Australian owned company that promotes healthy, safe sex. Here are some of their leading products for you to explore. 

The Four Seasons Glow In The Dark Lube 100ml comes with a glow in the dark tube and is perfect for immediate use. With a non greasy formula, you and your partner can enjoy frictionless sex. 

Our Four Seasons Naked Closer Condom 12pc is lubricated and ready for use. They are transparent, have a tighter fit and include a reservoir end. 

Increase your sensitivity by using the Four Seasons Naked Classic Condom 12pc. They’re lubricated and ready for use when you are. 




LifeStyles is an Australian and New Zealand company that specialises in educating people on STIs, safe sex and contraception. They have a range of condoms and lubricants for you to use during your next play sessions. Have a look at all their available items and ensure your next play session is safe. 

Enjoy intimate sex with the LifeStyles SKYN Unknown Pleasures Condoms 10pc. These condoms are ultra thin, soft and lubricated for easy use. 

The silicone based LifeStyles Luxe Lubricant 100ml is long lasting and velvety to the touch. It’s easy to apply and recommended for vaginal dryness. 

Our LifeStyles Ribbed Condoms 12pc has a ribbed surface for additional pleasure. Just slip on a condom and let the fun begin. 



M For Men

If you’re wanting a male masturbator to add to your collection, look no further than our M For Men sex toy brand. All the available masturbators come in a range of shapes and sizes. All masturbating sex toys are different, so have a look at the different types to find the perfect choice for you. 

Try a super soft, inviting and real feeling of the M For Men Cherri Masturbator. Just add some lube and enjoy the delicious sensations of this masturbator. 

Our M For Men All In Masturbator has a unique shape for maximum pleasure. Each champer creates new sensations that will give you a toe curling release. 

The M For Men Amber Masturbator is designed for one handed stroking. It’s a ribbed masturbator that will give you endless pleasure. 


Wet Stuff

Wet Stuff

Wet Stuff is one of the leading sex toy lubricants in Australia. The brand has created a selection of products for their customer's enjoyment. From flavoured lube to toy cleaners, they have a fantastic selection compatible with condoms and some sex toys. Here are some of our best selling Wet Stuff products. 

Make sure your sex toys are ready for use with our Wet Stuff Toy Cleaner 235g. Follow the instructions to ensure you’re using the toy cleaner correctly. 

The Wet Stuff Gold Lube lasts for extra long and is hypoallergenic. It’s a clear water based lubricant that’s condom compatible and works with most sex toys. 

Add some flavour to your next playtime with the Wet Stuff Strawberry Lube. This silky lubricant is clear, delicious, edible and sugar free. 




Enjoy a range of pleasurable restraints and sex toys with our Frisky collection. From beginner bondage sets to ass spinner anal plugs, there’s a wide selection of products available for you to choose from. Add the perfect amount of spice to the bedroom with one of these sex toys. 

Liven up your next play session with the Frisky Ass Spinner Anal Plug. This butt plug is suitable for beginners and features spinning LED lights. 

Our Frisky Bondage Bedroom Restraint Kit is a portable restraint system that works for multiple positions. Place the restraints under your mattress and enjoy some bondage play. 

Try multiple restrictive positions with the Frisky Bondage Bound Around Neck To Wrist Restraints. Both the collar and cuffs can be adjusted for your comfort. 




As a leader in men's sex toys, Boneyard has developed numerous cock rings, dildos, anal beads and more. Their collections are specifically targeted toward men's pleasure and sexual release. While they primarily focus on creating pleasurable cock rings, here are some of their other products. 

Made from 100% medical grade silicone, the Boneyard Ass Ballz Anal Beads come in different sizes to stretch and train your anus. They’re extremely durable and have a soft touch. 

Allow for full adjustment with the Boneyard Cock Leash. You can choose to leash just your shaft or include your balls. 

Keep yourself harder for longer with our Boneyard Silicone Ring 5 Pc Kit Cock Ring. With different sizes, you can ensure you have the correct measurements for you. 




Every play session should start with some foreplay. You can your partner can relax and ease into play sessions with some scented massage candles. Just light the candles and let the scent wash over you. Gentle pour the melted oils on your partner and rub them all over their body. At Wild Fantasy, our Exotiq massage candles come in a different sizes and scents. Have a look at the different types and add something new to your foreplay. 

Our Exotiq Massage Candle 60g comes in two scents, Vanilla Amber and Ylang Ylang. Let the candle burn for fifteen to twenty minutes before pouring it onto your skin.  

Choose your preferred scent and enjoy some pleasure filled foreplay with our Exotiq Massage Candle 200g. Give your partner a relaxing massage with these splendid candles. 



Petits JouJoux

As different foreplay activities are becoming popular, you can never go wrong with a massage candle. At Wild Fantasy, our Petits JouJoux massage candles take you on a journey. From London to Rome, you can visit different cities without leaving the comforts of your home. Choose your preferred scent and have an unforgettable experience. 

Give your skin some nourishment and care with our Petits JouJoux Trip To London Massage Candle 190ml. You can enjoy the London scent before having your partner massage it into you. 

Go on a trip without leaving your home with our Petits JouJoux Trip Massage Candle 120ml. Choose from our Athens, London, Orient or Rome candles and have an unforgettable experience. 




Whether you’re in a long distance relationship or wanting to elevate your solo masturbation sessions, have you thought about adding a GVibe vibrator to your collection? Our selection of GVibe vibrators comes with a range of features. Have a look at our suggested options and add a little something special to your playtimes. 

Enjoy double stimulation with our GVibe Gvibe³ Vibrator. All genders can enjoy the stimulating sensations from one of our best selling sex toy brands in Australia. 

With three strong motors, the GVibe GRabbit Rabbit Vibrator is the perfect addition to any sex toy collection. It has six vibration modes that will give you endless pleasure. 

The GVibe Gjack² Vibrator is 100% waterproof and designed for g-spot stimulation. It’s powerful, quiet and will give you unbelievable pleasure. 

Why Is Wild Fantasy The Best For Buying Sex Toy Brands In Australia?

At Wild Fantasy, we source all our products from Australia’s leading sex toy suppliers. We have a vast range of products and sex toy brands to explore. Browse through our collections and see what’s available. Have your next sex toy delivered to you and experience new pleasures. Live out your deepest fantasies by purchasing a sex toy from Wild Fantasy.