Valentine's Day is a special time for couples, a day filled with romance and love. It's a day when partners come closer, celebrating their bond in unique and intimate ways. 

Every little gesture becomes more significant. And, simple acts of affection speak volumes. 

On this day, couples often exchange gifts, each one a symbol of their feelings.

Sometimes, a hot Valentine’s Day gift for your girlfriend or lady can add a spark to the relationship. 

For some couples, it's about adding a bit of fun and excitement.

These gifts - if chosen with care and mutual respect - can bring a new dimension to the relationship, enhancing the connection and intimacy.

Such a gift could be a finger vibrator for her. At Wild Fantasy, we feature only the best finger vibrator toys that are safest to use. 

If this is your choice, your Valentine’s Gift for her must be given with consent and comfort. 

The key is understanding and respecting each other's boundaries. 

When a couple is on the same page, these gifts can be a welcome surprise that adds to the day's romance. 

They are a way to explore new aspects of your relationship in a safe, loving environment.

Gifting a Finger Vibrator for Valentine’s Day?

Talk About it First!

Do you think it can spice things up with your lady? But, is it a romantic Valentine’s Day gift? Should you gift her one at all? 

Don’t stay in doubt. Communicate and find out! 

It’s always important to have a sober conversation about using adult toys before making a move. After all, it’s about both of you – not just one.

Once this is done, it’s important to do your research. Always make sure you’re buying from trusted brands. 

Choose a brand of vibrators from a reputable and responsible vendor.  

At Wild Fantasy, we make it our duty to pack only the highest-quality, durable sex toys. The brands featured in our collection have a track record of being safe even with prolonged use. 

Of course, there’s a wide variety for you to choose from!

Top Hot Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Our Picks!



Satisfyer Candy Cane Finger Vibrator

The Satisfyer Candy Cane Finger Vibrator is a versatile toy with 12 vibration programs. It’s waterproof and quiet when in use. The body-safe silicone makes it extra safe. This vibrator is USB rechargeable – and comes in two colours! 

High Fly Finger Vibrator from Satisfyer

The High Fly Finger Vibrator from Satisfyer is easy on your budget. This is a winged finger vibrator that runs on two powerful motors. It’s waterproof. The body is made of smooth silicone which means it’s hygienic to use.

Satisfyer Teaser Finger Vibrator

The Satisfyer Teaser Finger Vibrator is a mini vibrator that allows flexible and intuitive use. This vibrator also features 12 vibration programs and is waterproof. The body-safe silicone makes it easy to clean as well. 

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Hot Valentine’s Day Gifts

Spice Things Up!

Many couples are now choosing to add sex toys to their intimate times together. If both of you mutually agree, it can spice things up for both of you.

If you’re gifting her a finger vibrator, it’s best to communicate it first. No matter if one or both of you are novices or experienced users.

The best way to use one? Well, talk about it! And get creative together!

Choosing the Right Valentine’s Day Gift for Your Girlfriend

Gifting your wife or girlfriend a sex toy such as a finger vibrator should be done thoughtfully and responsibly. Here are some simple tips to consider: 

Know Her Comfort Zone

Understand her boundaries and what she might find enjoyable. A naughty gift should be exciting, not uncomfortable.

Communication is Key

Have open conversations about likes, dislikes, and fantasies. This ensures the gift is something you both can enjoy.

Quality Over Shock Value

Choose something of good quality that shows you put thought into it. It's not just about being risqué, but about adding value to your intimate moments. At Wild Fantasy, we take safety seriously.

Privacy Matters

Make sure the gift is presented in a private setting. It's a personal gesture, meant for just the two of you.

Consent is Crucial

Always remember that consent is key. The gift should be something she's comfortable with and excited about.

Personalise It

Get her a toy that speaks to her interests and preferences. It shows that you know and care about her desires.

Be Respectful and Tactful

The gift should be about enhancing your connection, not just a one-sided fantasy.

Have a Plan B

If you're unsure about her reaction, have an alternative, more conventional gift as a backup.

Enjoy the Experience

Remember, the goal is to have fun and deepen your bond. Choose something that you'll both enjoy and that will bring a playful element to your relationship. Whether it’s a finger vibrator or another toy, make sure you’re both fully on board

Unique Valentine’s Gifts for Her

Stand Out!

Of course, based on your and your partner’s experience level, comfort, and consent, you can choose an assortment of intimate toys to gift.

Explore Wild Fantasy’s store for a wide variety of sex toys from vibrators to sex toy kits. It’s a curated collection of high-quality, safe sex toys from the most reputable brands in Australia.

This Valentine’s Day, when you’re picking out an intimate gift for your lady, make sure you stay safe.

Don’t forget to make it fun for both of you.


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