Everyone enjoys a good weekend away. You can spice up your next pleasurable holiday with some deliciously enticing sex toys. Read through our suggestions and make your next getaway unforgettable. 

What Is A Weekend Getaway?

A weekend getaway is a short holiday or vacation where you can forget about your responsibilities. When planning a weekend getaway, you want to look for locations that speak to you. Whether it’s to a city, beach resort, camping trip or a road trip, make your trip memorable by adding a little sex toy foray to your itinerary. Have a look at some of our weekend getaway suggestions and see if anything stands out to you or your partner. 

Our Top 10 Weekend Getaway Sex Toys 

Deciding on which sex toy to bring with you can be difficult when there’s a lot on offer. We have narrowed down our list of potential toys to items that are travel friendly. You and your partner can enjoy a weekend away, living out your wildest fantasies. You might use one or multiple products from our list. Mix and match our options and create a ravishing combination. Browse through our collection to find the perfect addition to your getaway. 


CalExotics Scandal® Beginners Fetish Kit


Everybody has to start somewhere, and if you want to try a little BDSM, this is the perfect beginner's package. Our CalExotics Scandal® Beginners Fetish Kit includes a stylish mask, nipple suckers and bondage tape. It’s a fantastic travel friendly kit that will make your weekend memorable. 





Fifty Shades Of Grey Bound To You Small Paddle


Made with faux leather, the Fifty Shades Of Grey Bound To You Small Paddle is the ideal size to slip into a weekend page or suitcase. It’s a luxurious paddle made from vegan leather. The gold and black combination will appeal to you and your partner. 





Kama Sutra Weekender Kit


There’s no better item to bring than a weekender kit. Our Kama Sutra Weekender Kit contains massage oil, oil of clove, honey dust, lubricant, and erotic play cards. Get hot and intimate with a kit filled with foreplay items. 





Fifty Shades Of Grey Bound To You Small Flogger


Add a little heated pleasure with the Fifty Shades Of Grey Bound To You Small Flogger. You can gentle glide the flogger over your partner's body, or give short, thrilling licks from the faux leather. Take your time to explore your partner's reactions and introduce them to a different type of pleasure.   





Hot Octopuss Pulse Duo Vibrator


Experience foreplay like you never have before. Men can wear the Hot Octopuss Pulse Duo Vibrator on their shaft before or during sex. Let your partner control the nine vibration settings and have a pleasurable release. 





Satisfyer Endless Fun Couples Vibrator


With over 100 vibration combinations and a rotatable head, you and your partner can both get pleasure from the Satisfyer Endless Fun Couples Vibrator. Manoeuvre the vibrator to a position that gives you and your partner the most stimulation. It’s an enticing toy we know you will add to your cart. 





Seven Creations Junior Double Dong 13"


It’s soft, flexible and can be enjoyed by both males and females. The Seven Creations Junior Double Dong 13" has two heads for easy double penetration. If you add this toy to your suitcase, there is no possible way for you to forget your weekend away. 





Satisfyer Fabulous Four Vibrator Set


Enjoy a compact vibrator that includes four different heads. You don’t need to bring multiple vibrators when this one has them all included. The Satisfyer Fabulous Four Vibrator Set is rechargeable and easy to use. Read through the product description to learn more. 





Easy Toys Fetish Collection Small Tickler


Bring a little sensual play with our Easy Toys Fetish Collection Small Tickler. The soft feather dancers over your skin, giving pleasurable tickling licks. You can even add a blindfold to better focus on the sensory play. 





Lelo Noa Couples Massager


It’s worn by her but enjoyed by both. Insert the thinner end into her vagina, and the thicker end will stimulate her clit. The small design leaves ample room for other toys or body parts to join. Bask in the pleasure the six vibration settings create and make a memorable moment.