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Wand Vibrator is perfect at loving you from head to toe. Send lovely sensations to all your favourite locations. Massage away the stress of the day and release all your worries. Our Wand Vibrators are the perfect toy for anyone who needs a little self love. Pamper yourself and feel like royalty with a wand sex toy designed to stimulate your entire body. Or simply focus the vibrations on your intimate areas. Look at what’s available and buy the best Wand Vibrators in Australia at Wild Fantasy.

Are you in need of some full body care?

Feeling wonderful pleasure has never been easier. Wild Fantasy’s Wand Vibrators come in a selection of colours, sizes and have varying features. You can choose the ideal vibrator that will give you immense pleasure. Stimulate all your favourite pleasure spots and experience a blissful release. Read the product descriptions and choose the right wand vibe for you. 

What is a wand vibrator?

Experience full body pleasure with a magic wand vibrator. A Wand Vibrator is a massager with a round head that can be used all over the body. While it is primarily used to stimulate intimate areas, it can also be used to send sensation to other erogenous zones. 

How do you use a wand vibrator?

Different Wand Vibrators are operated in various ways, but they are typically fairly straightforward. While some come with interchangeable heads and others are one piece, they usually very similar. All you need to do is charge up your wand and turn it on. Let your instincts guide you and find all your erogenous zones. 

Why should you buy a Sex wand?

If you’re after a full body pleasure experience, a Wand Vibrator is perfect for you. We highly recommend a wand vibrator to all our customers. Magic wand vibrators can give full body sensations that will give you nothing but bliss. Experience pleasure starting at your head down to the tips of your toes. It is the perfect toy to stimulate your entire body. 

Are wand vibrators good for beginners?

Wand Vibrators are easy to use and are perfect for every beginner. They are straightforward and easy to use. If it is your first time buying a sex toy, we recommend reading the product descriptions before purchasing. While Wand Vibrators are the perfect introduction to sex toys, they all come with different features. Take your time and read all the information before purchasing. Choose the right sex toy for you. 

What are the best selling wand vibrators in Australia?

At Wild Fantasy, we are constantly expanding our range of products to include all your favourites. While we don’t have much variety in our Wand Vibrators collection, our range will soon increase. If you need help deciding on which vibrator to buy, here are our best selling Wand Vibrators: 

Satisfyer Wand-Er Woman Vibrator. The impressive XXL size will leave you weak at the knees. Feel your stress turn into pure bliss as you cycle through 50 vibration combinations. Take your time and focus on your pleasure. Start slow and experience a toe curling climax. 

Satisfyer Double Wand-Er Vibrator. You can now create your own vibrating patterns. Change between a sensual massage to targeted precision pleasure by simply exchanging the heads. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t buy this sensational toy. 

What are the benefits of a wand vibrator?

Wand Vibrators offer a range of possible sensual experiences. With just one toy, you can stimulate all your erogenous zones. From head to toe, target specific areas and feel your stress melt away. Not only can wand vibrators be used as a sex toy, but they can also be used as a massager. Don’t just focus on the intimate parts. Take some time to care for the rest of your body. There’s no better way to reduce stress than with a full body massage.

Tips for ordering wand vibrator online?

Ordering Wand Vibrators online is just like any other online purchase. We recommended doing a little research before buying. Read through the product descriptions, look at reviews and see if the toy is perfect for you. Taking a moment to look into a toy, ensure you’re making the correct purchase for you. 

Why is Wild Fantasy the best for buying wand Vibrators?

At Wild Fantasy, we are continuously increasing our range of sex toys. While our Wand Vibrators collection may not have too many options at the moment, we will be adding more soon. We source all our products from Australia’s leading sex toy brands. All our toys are of the highest quality so that you can focus solely on your pleasure. Take your time and read about all our sex toys. We know we have the perfect Wand Vibrator for you at Wild Fantasy. 


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