In previous blogs, we have gone over some of the ways you can seduce and catch your partner's attention. And today we’re going to go into more detail about how sexy lingerie can play a part in enticing your man. Take your time to read through our suggestions and add a little spice to your foreplay. 

What Makes Lingerie Sexy?

There are different types of lingerie available, and they are all designed to tease and entice your man. The hard part is knowing what will turn your partner on. Sexy lingerie typically refers to outfits that reveal and highlight different body parts. From cosplay to lace, there’s a little something for everyone to enjoy. Lingerie will play to your partner's favourite features and dives into their deepest fantasies, which makes it sexy. 

An important thing to remember with lingerie is that everyone has different preferences and turn ons. Depending on what your partner enjoys, they may find some lingerie items sexier than others. Part of the fun is learning what they like and finding new items to incorporate. We have listed some of our lingerie items down below, have a look at the different types and see if there’s anything your man will love. 

How Can You Feel Sexy In Lingerie?

While putting on sexy lingerie is perfect for seducing your partner, it’s also important for you to feel sexy in what you’re wearing. And there are several ways you can make yourself feel desirable in sexy lingerie. Read through our steps and see if there’s anything that stands out to you. 

Try something new

It can be tempting to stick to lingerie your partner loves, but there’s no harm in stepping out of your comfort zone. As you look for new sexy lingerie options, try finding something new to add to your collection. It could be a small item or a whole new outfit. There are plenty of options available, and you can add a little spice by changing outfits. And you never know, your partner might like the change. 

Find lingerie that works with your body type

Just as there are different types of sexy lingerie available, there are also many different body types. What will work for one person may not for another. As you browse through lingerie options, look for lingerie that highlights your best features that entice your partner. This can take some time but will make all the difference in ensuring you feel comfortable and confident in your lingerie. 

Put on music as you get ready

One of the best ways to keep you energised and in the mood is to put on music as you're getting ready. From playing your sexy soundtrack to classic songs you enjoy, you can always incorporate music to help you get into the mood. And as a bonus, it will let your partner know you’re up to something and gets him in the mood too. 

Add a touch of makeup

Top off your sexy lingerie outfit by adding some makeup. You can go as heavy or light as you like and add a little drama to your ensemble. Whether you choose to look up a tutorial or come up with something yourself, compliment your outfit with matching makeup that brightens your face and highlights your smile. Makeup is only used to accentuate what's already there, so give your man a show by adding some makeup. You can also add a sexy eyemask depending on the mood. 

Be confident

No sexy lingerie would be complete without a hint of confidence. All men love it when their partner is confidently wearing lingerie for them. So stand tall, put on a smile and seduce your partner in the best way possible. And you have no reason to not feel confident if you followed all the previous steps. 

Our Top Sexy Lingerie Products

Surprise your partner by incorporating some sexy lingerie into your foreplay. Simply putting on one of our lingerie options will entice and tease him. Take a look at what lingerie is available and give him a show he will never forget. If you are concerned about sizing, all our lingerie is one size fits most with regular and plus size options. Be sure to read the measurements and find the best addition for you. 



Shots: Le Désir Suspender Bodystocking


Strategically placed shapes and cutouts only enhance your figure. Our Shots: Le Désir Suspender Bodystocking is made using soft, stretchy and comfortable material. Be sure to check out the product images to see if this is the best choice for you. 





CalExotics Scandal Peek-A-Boo Lace Mini Dress


Tease your man by wearing our CalExotics Scandal Peek-A-Boo Lace Mini Dress. The lace and mesh design is a comfortable combination that only highlights your assets. With a deep v neckline and a micro mini skirt, your man won’t be able to take his eyes off you. 





Shots: Le Désir Strapless Lace Mini Dress


It will be easy to grab his attention if you come into the room wearing our Shots: Le Désir Strapless Lace Mini Dress. This classy number can be worn with or without underwear and will only add to the experience. With a stunning lace and mesh design, there’s no better way to seduce your partner. 




CalExotics Scandal Off-The-Shoulder Lace Body Suit


This bold design will keep your man’s mind occupied for hours. The beautiful lace design highlights your best features and will only entice your partner. You can embrace your wildest fantasies by adding this sexy lingerie to your foreplay activities. Remember to read the product description to ensure you have the correct size for you. 





Shots: Le Désir Fishnet & Lace Body Stocking


Entice your partner with a full body outfit that has everything he could want and more. Our Shots: Le Désir Fishnet & Lace Body Stocking is a comfortable combination of mesh and lace that hugs all your curves. It’s a complete look without any need to add accessories. 




CalExotics Scandal Halter Lace Body Suit


Accentuate your best features with some sexy lingerie that does all the hard work for you. The CalExotics Scandal Halter Lace Body Suit beautifully combines mesh and lace to capture your partner's attention. Take a look at all the product images to see if this is the best choice for you, and add a little something extra to your lingerie collection. 



Why Should You Get Your Sexy Lingerie From Wild Fantasy? 

At Wild Fantasy, we source only the highest quality products for our customers' enjoyment. With a range of sexy lingerie to choose from, we have a little something for everyone to enjoy. Take your time to look through our Lingerie collection, we know we have the perfect addition to tease your partner. You can make your next foreplay session unforgettable by wearing some new lingerie.