Are you hoping to explore Sex Toys anytime sooner? Then this blog is meant for you!

Sex Toys in Australia have been growingly used by a wide range of individuals, regardless of their age, gender, sexuality, colour and so on. According to our pleasure experts at Wild Fantasy, these Sex Toys have a greater impact on pleasure, bonding, stress release and overall sexual health.

It has also helped pleasure seekers gain confidence. However, the concern is if pleasure seekers are using sex toys accurately. What are the types of Sex Toys you have tried? Are Sex Toys really effective? And for beginners, “What is a Sex Toy?

To answer your questions, our pleasure experts at Wild Fantasy have put together a blog to help you understand how to use Sex Toys. In this narrative, we will be covering the core purposes of Sex Toys, while providing you tips on after care and safe sexual practices.

While you use this comprehensive guide on how to use sex toys, remember safety is key. So be patient and wait till pleasures come to you! 


Understanding the Benefits of Sex Toys

Sex Toys reign physical, emotional, and relational benefits for users, giving you the pleasures you require to stimulate your erogenous zones. These Sex Toys have advanced in stimulating the mind, soul and body, having an overall effect on one’s mental health! Over the years, pleasure experts have noted that both men and women have used and owned a Sex Toy at least once in their lives.

While some individuals use Sex Toys to add more pleasure, some people use them to enhance connections with their partners. At Wild Fantasy, we believe that pleasure seekers must know what Sex Toys can do to you if used accurately. Here are the top uses of Sex Toys and how they can enhance your sexual journey:


  1. Ideal for both couple connections and solo explorations
  2. Some individuals (mostly women), need Sex Toys to enhance their main erogenous points
  3. Helps you communicate and be open about your sexual needs.
  4. Sex Toys can spice up your sexual explorations, all while adding more curiosity into the play.
  5. Using Sex Toys can be beneficial for individuals with pain in their intimate areas (vaginal pain, vaginal tightness, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculations). This can be frustrating when engaging in partnered sex!
  6. Sex Toys can be a sex aid for individuals with low libido.
  7. Enhances the quality of life and can be a positive attribution to your relationship!

Types of Sex Toys and Their Uses

If you are considering investing in a new Sex Toy or in adding one to your Sex Toys collection, our experts at Wild Fantasy suggest that you read this blog thoroughly! Engaging in sex with Sex Toys can be the key purpose. However understanding the variety in Sex Toys and the importance they hold in your sexual exploration journey is also considered vital!


Vibrators are the most commonly opted Sex Toys around the world, used by many pleasure seekers. This is because vibrators have proven their capacities, giving individuals (especially women) the liberty of having orgasms over and over again. Men too have benefited from this, using it in couple or partnered play!

There are quite a lot of vibrators that have emerged in the world of Sex Toys. Each of them serves a different erogenous zone. The primary role of a vibrator is to vibrate its mechanical parts, covered in soft silicone, and pass rumbling vibrations through your body. In the current times, vibrators are also equipped with other features such as air-suction technology, waterproof ability, discreteness and so on.

Over the years, vibrators have been classified as clitoral vibrators, couple vibrators, G-spot vibrators, mini vibrators, bullet vibrators, wand vibrators and rabbit vibrators. While most of these are made to satisfy the women’s intimate spots, men too can have a fair share of pleasure using the bullet and the couple vibrators!


Dildos mimic the stature of the human male penis. These Sex Toys have developed over the years giving it a realistic look. While Dildos can trigger your senses at first sight, they can also be manually or battery operated according to your convenience!
Dildos come in various textures like flesh like glass, rubber and a lot more. All these varieties can be used in women and men, Women use Dildos to stimulate their G-spot while men can use Dildos to stimulate their P-spot. The most common Dildo varieties are Realistic Dildos, Strap on Dildos, Glass Dildos, Vibrating Dildos and Novelty Dildos!

Anal Toys

This section of Sex Toys is primarily meant for men, rather than women! Apart from the penis and the male testicles, men reach climaxes by stimulating their P-spot (prostates). This can only be done by reaching the P-spot through the anus. Anal toys are complimentary in various designs and styles. The most commonly heard ones are Anal Plugs, Anal Beads, Anal Balls Anal Vibrators, and Prostate massagers. Find the perfect and you’ll go wild in seconds!

Couples Toys

Couples Sex Toys were not a priority in the ancient days. In the current times, Couple Sex Toys are huge in the world of pleasure. It has diversified into many forms of pleasurable Sex Toys. The primary purpose of this is to provide stimulation of erogenous zones for both partners, participating in couple sex. This can also build connection and intimacy, helping couples feel more loved! Anal sex toys branch into Couple Vibrators, Vibrating Couple Cock rings, remote-controlled toys, double dildos and Strap-ons!

Bondage Toys

If you enjoy simple kinks and spicy pleasures, experience bondage Sex Toys such as blindfolds, cuffs, paddles, whips, leashes, ball gags, nipple clamps, restraints and a lot more. Remember to ask for consent even from your partner and engage in open communication to understand your partner’s views on it!


How to Use Sex Toys Safely?

As pleasurable Sex Toys can be, you must ensure that your Sex Toy is body safe! Likewise, caring for your Sex Toys can help maintain it for a longer period, without destroying the production materials. Here are a few points to consider before using the

Body Safety

This is important! Do not skip this!

Like in skin care and makeup, body safety matters in Sex Toys. Before investing in a Sex Toy, check on the materials it is made of. Non-porous silicone is recommended, alongside glass and metal. These do not contain the bacteria leading to an infection! Similarly, look for ASB plastics, free from phthalates. If you have second thoughts about the product, look for a better one!

Cleaning and Maintenance

As pleasure experts, we suggest you keep your Sex Toys clean. Make sure you clean your Sex Toys before and after use. This can be performed using an anti-bacterial soap and lukewarm water. Use a lint-free cloth to dry your Sex Toys and store them in a dust-free storage pouch, away from sunlight. If you are too cautious, spray some of your favourite Sex Toys disinfectant!

Remember, Sex Toys come in different materials. Commonly in silicone, but glass, metal and rubber are also available. Some of these materials can be porous (meaning containing pores = with holes). Try to opt for a non-porous coating. These do not hold bacteria within the pores.

Keep your Sex Toys cleaned and well maintained, to ensure the effectiveness of the product.


Lube is a necessity when dealing with Sex Toys. Pair your sex toys with the perfect amount of lubricant, and coat the private areas to prevent any friction (which can cause pain).

Lubes come in various textures such as oil-based, water-based, gel-based, silicone-based, and so much more. We suggest you use water-based lubes to reduce the concentration of chemicals in your intimate areas. Water-based lubes are better combined with silicone products with oil or gel-based lubes that can be used on glass or metal! So keep in mind that lube is always great!

Safe Insertion and Use

Never rush to ecstasy! That’s just going to be painful. Take it slow and easy, and enjoy every second of your sexy time. Consider paying better attention to the comfort of your partner.

Use your Sex Toys whenever you need them, keeping in mind that safety comes before pleasure. Do not force yourself or your partner. That’s the journey of lovemaking!


Enhancing Your Experience

Solo Play

To enjoy solo play, you can choose a Sex Toy that you can navigate by yourself. Try creating a warmer and more welcoming ambience in the playroom (bedroom), and set the mood however you like! Focus on personal pleasure, and see the beauty in experimenting with different intensities.

Partnered Play

Top it up a notch with your partnered play as this is a two-people game! While engaging in traditional intercourse, you can use a couple Sex Toys to amplify your lovemaking sessions! Remember, consent, communication, comfort and the same mindset are important to reach different climaxes together!

Tips for Beginners

Dear beginners, take it slow! Explore what the lower speeds and intensities can do before rushing to the higher speeds. Take your time and embrace bodily reactions. Use less intimidating Sex Toys and gradually experiment with more advanced options. Never forget to be safe, and use trusted brands throughout your journey!


Overcoming Common Concerns and Misconceptions

Sex Toys are starting to take a positive turn in the current times. However, it still remains a controversial and a taboo topic among most societies. Our experts discovered that when asked about Sex Toys, there was a common observation in most responses:

Sex Toys are more than pleasures. It’s about overall wellness. However, I’m not sure if I can take it back home.
I tried speaking to my friends about Sex Toys and their benefits. But all I hear them say is ‘I’m shy’
I’m scared to continuously use Sex Toys. They could be addictive!
My male partner doesn’t accept me using Sex Toys. He thinks he’s not enough!
Why do women need Sex Toys? That’s what we’re here for
Sex Toys are used in porn!!!!
Using Sex Toys may change me. My private parts may not be the same!

These are the most common misconceptions that you see and hear around about Sex Toys. However, while most of this isn’t true and remains to be twisted, these concepts are based on fear and society’s inability to accept sexual wellness. Thanks to pleasure experts around the world and the growing medical knowledge, Sex Toys are getting value for the significance they hold!


Our Last Sigh of Pleasure

When it comes to Sex Toys, there is no highway. There is only the safe way!

Rushing to use a Sex Toy can be exciting, but making the right decision is equally important. In this blog, we have briefed you on the basic rules, tips and tricks on how to use Sex Toys. We have also touched upon areas like cleaning, body safety and safe practices. Following these simple tips can keep your lovemaking session safe and equally enjoyable!

Our pleasure experts at Wild Fantasy advise that you explore your sexual preferences and boundaries before investing in Sex Toys. You might find an anal plug enticing but may not be quite flattering when you use it. Therefore understanding your needs and wants can be an important step in choosing the perfect Sex Toy in Australia. Remember, the use of sex toys can be empowering and liberating, giving you the confidence you need. But using it accurately is the key ingredient in the pleasure making process!

Consider your partner’s consent and views, by communicating your interests with them. If you are hoping to invest in a Sex Toy anytime soon, we’ve got all you want under one roof! Browse through the diverse Sex Toys in Wild Fantasy and find the perfect fit for you and your partner!

Cheers to a pleasurable start and a climaxing finish!