Learn How to Use Your Clitoral Suction Vibrators Accurately!

Are you here for the tea? Interested in exploring the pleasures of a Clitoral Suction Vibrator? Well, we’re here for that too!

Clitoral Suction Vibrators or a Clit Sucker Vibrator have taken over the world of women’s pleasures in numerous ways than one! They are divinely elegant and have turned women on regardless of their size, shape, interest or gender. Like in most parts of the world, sex toys in Australia are complex and multi-functional. Out of them all, one of the most used sex toys among women is a Clit Sucker Vibrator.

The clitoral is one of the most sensitive erogenous zones in a woman. Most women are said to orgasm via clitoral stimulations and this has brought great interest to sex toy manufacturers. Eventually, over years of development, the clitoral vibrator (a vibrator for the clitoris), was advanced into a Clit Sucker Vibrator, introducing the sucking mechanism into the toy. It mimics the actions of a partner when practising oral sex. Hence using a Clit Sucker Vibrator has been a very common choice in the pleasure world!

In this blog, our pleasure experts at Wild Fantasy have narrowed down 10 practical tips for you to excel to get maximum pleasures all night long. Master the Clit Sucker Vibrator and wait for the glory to sink in!

01. Understanding Clitoral Suction Vibrators

As beginners or novel users, you may have questions like ‘What is a clit sucker?’ or ‘How to use a clit sucker?’

Clitoral suction vibrators or Clit Sucker Vibrators are used to give immense pleasures to women by using ‘air suction’ technology. Gentle suction waves are created, while also sending pulsations into the women’s body from the tip of the clitoris! These suctions are usually generated through a soft silicone opening on the top of the vibrator. The silicone opening seals around your clitoris, allowing the suction technology to mimic the suction during a partner’s play. Remember this is different from a traditional Clitoral Vibrator, where vibrations are all it has to offer!

Clit Sucker Vibrator can bring an immense load of pleasure into your life. All you’ve got to do is find the right Clit Sucker Vibrator!

02. Choose the Right Vibrator

Clit Sucker Vibrator can be pricey depending on the brand you choose. Choosing the right Clit Sucker Vibrator is not only about price. Consider looking at the materials it is made of. Remember to look for body safe material that can release you from the risk of infections. We suggest you consider non-porous silicon for that!

Take the speed into consideration. If you are a beginner, an intermediate or even a pro, the speed can help you navigate your pleasure intensities. Along with that, consider your preferences, budget, and experience level. Also consider the size, shape, intensity levels, and other beneficial features (like waterproof technology) in the Clit Sucker Vibrator. You can always ask around friends for their opinions, or simply chat with our Wild Fantasy experts for better recommendations!

03. Read the Instructions

Labels, user guides and instruction manuals, no matter what they are called are must-read materials before using your Clit Sucker Vibrator! These guides and manuals will help you answer your question ‘How to use a Clit Sucker’. Although the features and functions may be easy to read and hear, they may or may not need a certain getting used to on the skin. Hence as an intrigued user, we suggest that you always keep it safe and sexy by reading manuals and instruction guides of your Clit Sucker Vibrator! This can help you engage in safe meaningful pleasure sessions as advised by the sex experts and the original manufacturers of the product!

04. Start Slowly

Be wise and listen to your pleasure pros; rushing ruins everything! While this tip is mandatory for beginners, it can also be great for anyone willing to sink into the mood, slowly and with ease. Start slowly and progress through speeds and intensities slowly, giving your body time to enjoy it! Your Clit Sucker Vibrator is going to show you wonders if you take time to gradually increase the suction intensity and explore different pulsation patterns. This could also work wonders as you experiment with different techniques!

05. Experiment with Positions

A Clit Sucker Vibrator can be used either in solo play or in partnered play. In solo play, you can either use your hands or place it on the bed while adjusting into the right position. You could also try holding your Clit Sucker Vibrator in between your thighs, giving your clitoris a hands free experience.

In partnered play, the Clit Sucker Vibrator can work their magic as the partner tests various pulsations and intensities with you. You could also make kinky requests like asking them to engage in penetration all while using the Clit Sucker Vibrator, to give you the intense rush of ecstasy!

06. Use Lubrication

Our pleasure experts at Wild Fantasy advise that you use adequate lubrication in the practice of all sex toys!

Lubrication comes in various types; silicone, oil-based, water-based, jelly and so much more. Our most commonly recommended lubricant is water-based lube, as it has a lesser risk of irritation in your intimate areas.

Use of any lubricant must give you comfort and confidence. It reduces the friction, especially when the Clit Sucker Vibrator is in contact with the skin. This can help transfer vibrations and pulsations smoothly into your skin. Make sure to apply an ample amount of lube into your Clit Sucker Vibrator and on the clitoris (and vagina during penetrative sex), for smooth and pleasurable stimulation!

Read through our blog on Lubricants: beginners-guide-to-lubricants

07. Explore Sensations

Well, this tip requires more than just time. It requires patience!

The use of the Clit Sucker Vibrator is quite pleasurable giving some women to glory of orgasms, over and over again, while also having their partner turned on for an extended session. ‘How is that even possible?’ you may ask! Clit Sucker Vibrators are advanced and can come with so many functions and features. From vibration combinations created from multiple intensities and pulsations to other options like waterproof, discreet or portability. And to spice up your game explore these settings in various environments; keep it hush-hush and spicy! 

08. Focus on Relaxation

Regardless of any sex you use, having your mind and body in a relaxed state is mandatory! Arousal reaches its maximum when you allow hormones to do its work. However, if you carry stress within you, the pleasure hormones may limit your arousal range, giving you lesser climaxes. Therefore, ensure your body, your mind and your nerves are relaxed and calm.

For some individuals, it does work the other way around. A Clit Sucker Vibrator can indeed help them release their stress and tension. However, for most, practising deep breathing techniques, mindfulness, yoga or meditation can support you in enhancing your mood and sexual energies!

09. Communicate with Your Partner

If you are engaging in partnered Clit Sucker Vibrator exploration, communication is key! While the world is typically in its ‘sexual exploration’ era, there are some hard-to-accept scenarios, every now and then!

Therefore to ensure that your partner is content to involve a Clit Sucker Vibrator in your sexual sessions, we advise you not to. If your partner is however accepting of this masterpiece, use the Clit Sucker Vibrator to add the extra oomph to your lovemaking sessions.

Communication can help bring out feedback, guidance, and support to enhance the experience for both parties!

10. Practice and Patience

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day and pleasure points cannot be discovered in the first session! Practice is key and that’s what makes you enjoy and excel in understanding your or your partner’s bodies! Regular practice with a sex toy, or your Clit Sucker Vibrator can give you the pleasures you need in no time!
Keep your 3 Ps in mind and you’ll be a pro in no time: Practice, Patience, & Perfection!

Our Last Opinion to you:

Exploring your body is a beautiful act of pleasure and care. Take your time understanding how your body responds and what it wants to reach the ultimate climax! If you are engaging in partnered play, communication is key. However, in both partnered play and solo play, use lube and choose body-safe products to experience pleasure.

Through this blog, we have covered ten tips provided to enhance your Clit Sucker Vibrator experience, all while maximising pleasure and satisfaction. No matter what you do, our experts advise you to have fun, in the safest possible way ever! Choose your Clit Sucker Vibrator wisely and pleasure yourself or your partner in so many ways than you can imagine! Explore techniques, vibrations and intensities to understand the significance a Clit Sucker Vibrator holds in the lives of many women!

Women of all sizes are invited to explore our Clit Sucker Vibrator or Clitoral Suction Vibrators range at Wild Fantasy, all while pressing all the important buttons in your body. Head over to the Wild Fantasy website to be amazed with what we have to offer you in your pleasure seeking journey! Cheers to some intense Clitoral Suction Vibrator time!