Understanding the Clitoris: A Comprehensive Guide

The clitoris is the most sensitive part of the human female genital system. This has brought prominent pleasure for most women over the years. However, with the lack of biological understanding, most females (and males) fail to comprehend this concept correctly. Our experts at Wild Fantasy believe that everyone at one point in life may wonder ‘What is a clitoris’ or ‘What does a clitoris look like’? These questions are fair as not much has been spoken on the female sensitive nub, in the current times. The female pleasure system has been limited to the vagina and the penetrative act. This is why experts all around the world recommend the importance of understanding female anatomy for sexual health and pleasure.

In order to provide a clear and informative overview on how to find the clitoris and how to stimulate the clitoris, this blog is sure to give you a glimpse of what female intimate anatomy truly is.


An Overview of Female Genital Anatomy


External Genitalia (Vulva)

Covered with thick folds of skin, the vulva is the visible part of the vagina. It has 2 main important parts such as the labia majora (larger lip), labia minora (smaller lip). Other parts of the vulva are the mons pubis, clitoral hood, clitoris, urethral opening, and vaginal opening. All of these parts put together give you a mind blowing pleasure point to stimulate!

Internal Genitalia

The Internal Genitalia of the female body usually consists of the other major parts of the female reproductive system. Remember, these structures make up the whole reproductive system, assisting in pregnancy, menstruation and childbearing. The main parts of the internal female genitalia are the vagina, cervix, fallopian tubes, uterus, and ovaries. The muscular passage that follows through the vagina opens up to the uterus. This is the passage for the childbearing and the menstrual cycle!


Location of the Clitoris


External Part (Glans)

Are you curious to know ‘what is a clitoris’ and ‘what does a clitoris look like’? What you see exposed on the outside is the head or the glans of the love button. This is the little button shaped protruding nub of flesh that is the tip of the clitoral nub. It is slightly covered by a hood called the clitoral hood, and loose folds of skin of the inner vaginal lips (labia minora). It’s located on the top of the vulva at the initiation point of the inner lips.

Internal Part

The internal section of the clitoris is shaped as an inverted wishbone. The clitoral body takes up a V-shape and is located behind the glans. Internally, the clitoral nub extends into a structure with a clitoral shaft and two internal branches called the crura. The whole internal clitoris is surrounded by the vaginal canal, which is stimulated by penis penetrations!


Functions of the Clitoris


Primary Function

The single and main function of the clitoris is to provide you with pleasure! Intense, dreamy, mind blowing pleasures. Yes, you heard it right! If you are just stepping into the journey of clitoral stimulation, remember to learn how to stimulate your clitoris, correctly! The sensitive nub is said to be packed with highly sensitive nerve endings. According to recent research, this is approximately 8,000 in the Glans area only. This clearly explains how important the clitoris is in pleasure!

Sexual Response

As the clitoris is linked with thousands of sensitive nerve endings, the slightest stroke can trigger the largest senses. The clitoris can be stimulated externally or internally via vaginal penetration. As the arousal increases, this can continue to ejaculate and a heightened orgasm, often known as climax! Therefore, over practice, you and/or your partner can learn to stimulate the orgasmic trigger in ways you like!


Clitoral Stimulation



The clitoral nub is quite sensitive to touch and vibrations. Therefore knowing how to stimulate the clitoris can assist you in the act of lovemaking! Explore the million senses and the responses of various clitoral stimulations such as manual stimulations, oral stimulations, for clitoral stimulation, such as manual stimulation (using fingers), oral stimulation using the tongue, and the diverse range of sex toys such as vibrating wands, clitoral vibrators and clitoral suction vibrators. The clitoris can also be stimulated via penetration of the penis, through the internal walls of the vagina!


The clitoris is covered by strong and sensitive nerve endings that can sense the most delicate touch and sensation. Even a slight brush of your fingers can be felt by this subtle structure. While most of the touches can be pleasurable, not all are. This is when the stimulator must use different pressures and speeds, while also maintaining constant communication with the partner, while also taking time to explore different pressures and rhythms!


Common Myths and Misconceptions


Myth: The Clitoris is Just a Small Bump

Sadly that’s not true! What you see on the exterior top of your lady bit is just a small bump. However, when aroused, the clitoral nub can expand just like the penis (not literally! But obviously larger than a bump!). This signifies that the clitoris too is lined with sensitive nerve endings and blood vessels carrying blood to the tip of the sensitive button. The clitoris is complex and enlarges as the blood rushes to the tip, upon arousal. This is the most sensitive part of the female pleasure system as most women are said to orgasm upon its stimulation. Hence, remember, the clitoris is not just a little bump!

Myth: Clitoral and Vaginal Orgasms are Different

Another myth that has filled our minds! The vagina and the clitoris may be 2 different points in the pelvic cavity of a female. However, when it comes to ‘orgasms’, all orgasms originate from the clitoris. Whether it is through direct stimulation of the external glans or indirect stimulation via the internal structures during vaginal penetration, the clitoris is responsible for your oohs and aahs! Nevertheless, some people may be much more sensitive to vaginal penetration than clitoral stimulations, or vice versa. And that’s how society compares their orgasms!


Health and Hygiene


Regular Cleaning

Although the vagina has a method of self-regulation to clean and maintain itself using its secretions, health officials recommend that cleaning your vagina, along with the clitoris is mandatory for intimate hygiene. Do not undermine the importance of cleaning intimate parts. While it can prevent the transfer of bacterial infections, this can also help you and your partner have a safe, comfortable and more intimate session. Clean your vagina and clitoris with clean water and mild soap. Use a soap that does not cause irritations to your skin. Try not to apply soap directly onto your lady parts. Instead, use soapy water. Clean around the clitoris and the labia and make sure to remove any secretions in between. Pat with a clean towel! Cleaning your lady parts at least once a day with soapy water is recommended. Warm water can also help with effective cleaning!

Medical Concerns

You may experience clitoral pain, in the form of burns, stings and throbbing sensations. This can be uncomfortable! The main reasons might be infection, skin damage, or injury to your intimate parts. If you are facing any sort of persistent pain, discomfort, or changes in the clitoral area, do not hesitate to discuss this at your next gynaecologist visit.


Our Final Pleasures to You:

To conclude, we would like to emphasise that the clitoris is merely just a little bump. It is the powerhouse of female pleasures, leaving the women heightened with soaring orgasms. Addressing the lack of information among the pleasure seeking crowd, we have managed to address your questions on the female clitoris. This blog discusses the importance of understanding the clitoris's location and function for enhancing sexual pleasure and health. This understanding has not only satisfied women but created an open, strong and creative measure for women to explore their pleasure sensitiveness. Through this blog, we believe that our experts at Wild Fantasy are able to enlighten your minds on what a clitoris is.

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