Open Conversation about Sexual Pleasures

Sexual Pleasures and sexual explorations may not be well received by individuals in the current times. This can be due to less clarity or blurred understanding of the sexual exploration process. Some may assume sexual explorations to be a sin, while others might not suggest sexual explorations to anyone else as they have never stepped into it themselves. Or, limited sexual explorations can be due to fear of sex toys.

Either way, sexual explorations and sexual pleasures are known to be important in the lives of human beings. To enhance your sexual pleasures, you may have to overcome the fear of sex toys and communicate openly about your likes and desires. Acknowledge your curiosities and act upon it safely!

In this blog, our Wild Fantasy experts have provided guidance and support for individuals who are interested in embarking on a journey of sexual exploration but also may feel uncertain or hesitant. For more information on sex toys, you can also read through our blog on ‘how to use sex toys’! Read along and find the answers to all your questions!


Embracing Curiosity and Self-Discovery

We think it’s safe to assume that most of us had to embrace the ‘light bulb of curiosity’ at one point in our lives. We would have been intrigued by what pleasures each erogenous zone would have provided.

At Wild Fantasy, we believe that embracing your curiosity plays a huge role in the self-discovery of your sexual exploration. Over time, as you learn new things and are governed by new visions, your fantasies and desires take over you, urging you to explore your sexuality. Initially one might face ‘guilt’ for the same reasons.

But as humans, we must understand that wanting to learn about one’s sexual pleasures or about how to use sex toys is not wrong. It’s beautiful and can lead to a lot more than sex. In your sexual exploration journey, you would not only be unlocking your inner sexual capacity, but also wearing body confidence, maturity, and an enhanced level of inner satisfaction!

So if you are a beginner with sex toys or hoping to engage in some serious sexual explorations, we encourage you to let go of shame or guilt and embrace the desires, fantasies, and preferences that pop up in your mind. But remember, no matter what you do, be safe!


Understanding Sexual Pleasure

Sexual pleasure itself has its own components; physical, emotional, cognitive and life experiences. All these components add up to the intensity of pleasures you feel. Sexual pleasure, in general, denotes the positive effect you experience. This ‘feeling good’ state can be achieved in different ways for different people. Some might prefer the physical touch, while others would prefer emotional confidence to express themselves.

Past experience can either motivate or demotivate your sexual pleasures, depending if it’s positive or negative! Closeness, sensations, mutual interest and desires are all linked towards sexual pleasures. Therefore to experience the most out of your sexual journey, we suggest you open up and welcome satisfaction in many ways more than one!


Reflecting on Desires and Boundaries

No matter what you do, and with whom you decide to do it, sexual pleasures must be explored with mutual consent and respect. If you or your partner do not want to engage in sexual activities, never force yourself into it. Reflect on your desires, boundaries, and fantasies when starting your sexual exploration journey. Communicate with your partner on what they like.

Have your sexual thoughts discussed, to give your partner the confidence they seek! Use sex toys that both of you may enjoy. If you intend to incorporate sex toys for your partner’s pleasure, explain how you would like to give them the joys of a sex toy. Remember, self-awareness and communication are key to expressing personal needs and limits.


Exploring Different Avenues of Pleasure

You may never know what you like until you try it for yourself! Exploring different avenues of pleasure, including solo play, partnered exploration, fantasy exploration, and experimentation with toys or accessories is great for enhancing your sexual journey. Adjust to positions you like with your partner and embrace the possibility of pleasure in every angle.

Try new things and step outside of your comfort zone to discover new sources of pleasure and excitement. And why not explore different environments and different temperatures to see what pleasure is like in such surroundings!


Starting Slowly and Mindfully

Sex toys in Australia have been advancing ever since we discovered sexual pleasures. Using a sex toy to discover your sexual pleasures can be helpful. However, no matter which stage you are in your sexual exploration journey, we advise you to be mindful of each step and each decision you make!

Embarking on a slow and mindful journey of sexual exploration is important. Firstly, this is safer and can help your body take time to adjust. Rushing can be painful and may lead to other problems too. So, slow and steady movements are great! This can also help you to sink into the mood, experiencing each sensitive touch. Discuss your favourite techniques for exploring sensations with your partner and explore fantasies, and desires in a safe and comfortable manner. Remember, mindfulness, communication, and consent are key to comfort!


Communicating with Partners

Communication is key in almost every matter in our lives. When exploring sex toys and sexual pleasures, you must learn to communicate with yourself about what you like and don’t, as well as your partners. The importance of open and honest communication with partners about desires, boundaries, and expectations in sexual exploration, must never be undermined.

Every time you discuss the pleasures and desires, you will be learning about yourself and your partner’s pleasure secrets. Pleasure points must be blessed with a lot more than slight touches. However, that depends on what you or your partner like. Engaging in open conversations can help you support each other in exploring sexual pleasure and intimacy. Active listening, empathy, and mutual respect can bring in an additional oomph factor to your lovemaking sessions.


Our Final Words of Glory

As mentioned all throughout this blog, exploring sexual pleasures is a humane motive that’s based on pleasure and sexuality. In order to successfully engage in sexual explorations, you must embrace your curiosity, and your urge to self-discovery. Listen to your desires and fantasies with confidence, and prioritise pleasure, satisfaction, and intimacy.

Another highlighting factor in this blog is the importance of consent, respect and safe sexual practices, for fulfilling, and pleasurable sexual experiences. Explore pleasures but remember that your safety is in your hands.

If you are a beginner, intermediate or even a pro, visit Wild Fantasy for the safest and the most reliable sex toys in Australia!