Beginner's Guide to 'How to Have Sex?'

Are you a first time sex explorer or an avid sex player in the world of pleasure? No matter what experience you have, we know that better knowledge on ‘how to have sex’ is always welcomed!

Sex and sex education are important in having a safe and pleasurable journey. Your body would need to be loved and cherished, and so does your partner. In order to do so, you must practice sex respectfully, and in the most right ways possible. Exploring each other’s bodies must be done sensually, offering each other the satisfaction and desires you require. Consent, communication, safety, and positional sex are a few important topics to elevate your sexual journey.

In this blog, we have covered important topics such as consent, communication, aftercare, safe sex, protection and so much more. At Wild Fantasy, our aim is to provide you with quality products and reliable information, all under one roof. Read through this comprehensive blog and grasp the sex tips you need!


Understanding Consent

Definition and Importance

Consent has been quite an important factor in sexuality and sexual explorations in the current times. Consent reflects the permission or the agreement to be involved in a sexual activity. It’s usually mutual, creating a healthy and safe bond between the partners. If you are having sex for the first time or even if it’s your 100th attempt, consent is key. And if a person is unconformable, it clearly resonates with the partner’s motive to say no! Remember content is crucial as it helps you respect each other’s boundaries. Consentless sexual activities can be disrespectful and abusive!


How to Communicate Consent

Consent that is communicated verbally can be clearly understood. It can come in direct speech such as ‘Are you up for sex’ or in indirect speech ‘Are we spending time together tonight’. In both these scenarios sex was the intention, but how the partner takes is what matters. Down the line, even after consenting, if you or your partner decides to withdraw the consent, then yes that must be accepted too!

Consent can be implied when talking of sex toys or any kinks in your or your partner’s mind. One may want it while the other wouldn’t. Consent can also be given non-verbally such as through positive body cues like smiling, recurring eye contact, touching and more. However, our experts suggest that you have it clarified clearly as it could be confusing!


Preparing for Your First Time

Emotional Readiness

First time sex is very important and you and your partner must be both physically and emotionally ready. Don’t have sex just because your partner wants you to. Have sex because you want to. Sex can give you a lot of emotions from excitement, nervousness and happiness. It can be thrilling and quite the rush. However, not everyone will experience all of these. You may experience all or some, depending on how sexually aroused you are! No matter what you feel, remember that you need to prepare your mind and body to engage in sex you consented to! So no matter what, be open with your partner.


Setting the Scene

This is as sexy as it gets. Set the scene and make your partner feel comfortable. Grab some sexy props such as scented candles, bath bombs, and bath salts to set to mood and engage in some intimate moments together. You can also use warm lights and set the temperature to a comfortable setting. Take your time sinking into the moment and indulge in a wondrous ride of pleasure with your partner. Make sure to keep this moment private to help ease the nerves!


Safe Sex Practices

Using Protection

We cannot stress how important safe sex practices are! It’s your armour to keep you away from STDs. During the current period, we have so many different types of protection such as condoms, diaphragms, contraceptive pills, implants, Intrauterine devices and more. While all of them can be used to reduce the possibility of fertilisation/ pregnancies, only a condom can control STDs. Preventing STIs and unwanted pregnancies can help you be free of stress and comfortable. Also when using sex toys with your partner (or multiple partners), you must use protection to avoid any unwanted hassles.


Hygiene Tips

Sexual practices involve the core and most intimate areas of your body. So the possibility of getting an infection or bacteria entering your body is high. To avoid such unfortunate situations, we suggest that you keep yourself, your partner, your sex toys and your surroundings clean. Remember to clean yourself and your sex toys before and after sex. It’s nice to have sex but it’s great to have clean, safe and hygienic sex. Make sure you lay some clean sheets wherever you’re planning to do sex and have them all soaked in washing formula once you’re done. After every sexy session, dispose of your used condoms and wash your sex toys, leaving them ready whenever the mood strikes again! . Keep the hygienic practices going to reduce the risk of infections!


Foreplay: Building Intimacy

Why Foreplay Matters

Foreplay is massively more important for women than men! Men can get an erection over just the thought of sex. Women are much more delicate as their arousal is based on physical and emotional elements. Foreplay is great for reducing stress and setting your woman in the mood. It can also uplift the whole sexual arousal, giving both partners a little more to experience. You can start slow by kissing and touching, and then progress into more sophisticated thrilling ideas like oral sex and more!

Foreplay is a great way to build intimacy and enhance your sexual pleasure. Don’t skip it. It is expert approved!


The Act of Penetrative Sex

Understanding Anatomy

The female vagina is a hollow cave-like opening that opens up to the uterus and has a sensory and mucus generating lining. This sensitive cavity is where the penis enters. The male penis is situated exteriorly to the body and is made for penetration. Understanding how to do basic sex is mandatory when engaging in penetrative sex. In males, arousal is expressed through erections and in females, arousal is through easy penetration of the vagina and mucus generations.


Importance of trying out Positions

Sex positions can be exciting like sex toys. They let you explore the pleasures of your body under different pressures and positions. Of course, sex experts around the world might have a million sex positions for you to try out but as beginners or intermediate, we advise you to start slow and progress together. Unlike males, females take a lot more time to find the perfect position to hit their G-spot completely. Trying our sex positions can help you also break the ice and engage in meaningful and more lasting pleasures. Some basic sex positions you can try out are Missionary, Women on the Top, Doggy-style and Lotus.


Communication during Sex

Communication is an important grain in intimacy and sexual pleasures. Talking about what you like, or don’t, and what feels good and what does is quite important to enhance your sexy time. Be honest and tell your partner what’s on your mind. Feel satisfaction and comfort, while pushing each other to the edge of glory. Not just pleasures, communication is important for first time sex, to let your partner know if you are experiencing pleasure or pain!


Aftercare: Emotional and Physical

Physical Aftercare

Sex can be great but the after that follows is mandatory! Cleaning up properly is essential to reduce possible bacterial infections. Bath and keep your surroundings clean. Hydrate yourselves and eat a light snack with your partner. And you can also giggle about everything you experienced!


Emotional Aftercare

Emotional aftercare can be simple but quite meaningful. Some such important and meaningful acts are cuddling, talking about the experience, and checking in with your partner. Be open with your likes and desires. Talk about what you like to experience next of the sex toys you’d want to incorporate!


Common Myths and Misconceptions

Debunking Myths

The world can be mythical and realistic. Growing up, we all might have believed in myths we still think are true. Here are a few common myths our experts have debunked for you:


Oral Sex is totally safe: Yes it’s safe from unwanted pregnancies but you may be infected with an STI. So no, oral sex is not completely safe!

Condoms are 100% safe: Well, not 100%. No condom company guarantees 100% safety from unwanted pregnancies or STIs. Condoms can burst during sex, or your partner may not wear them properly. Therefore, it’s not completely safe!

Pulling out is better than condoms: Asking a man to pull out before ejaculation can stop pregnancy but not STIs. Like women, men too release secretions before ejaculation. This may not contain sperms that lead to fertilisation. But the possibility of being infected with STI still exists!

HIV tests are mandatory: HIV tests are mandatory if your partner or you have been around multiple partners. If you have been practising safe sex, and so have your partner, it’s not mandatory to be tested. However, if you have your doubts about it, well why not?

Experimenting positions is porn: Fortunately for us, no! Exploring different positions with your partner is as beautiful as loving them. Pornography however involves paid actors just to entertain a certain crowd. Don’t get that mixed up!

There is an age for sex: Certainly not! Of course, sex is much advised after the maturity of your sexual organs, and not right after puberty. But once you are sexually healthy and fit to engage in sex and if you really think you are ready for it, that’s when you should have sex for the first time!

Contraception is for Females only: How rude can that be! And how irresponsible is it to assume that only females are affected? With pregnancies yes, just females might have to worry. But with STI, both males and females must be careful!

Cannot use condoms. ‘I’m allergic to latex’: Then ask them to try out latex-free condoms. Saves you from long arguments and stubborn partners!


Resources for Further Learning

Books and Articles

As simple as it sounds, sex needs both practical and theoretical knowledge. You must be open to researching the ample ways of reaching pleasures. You can do that by subscribing to your favourite sex experts’ channel or reading blogs on sexual health and sexual wellness. The more you educate yourself, the more you learn to put it into action!


Professional Advice

Checking in with a professional on your sexual needs and sexual issues can be as important as learning how to have sex! Visit your Sexologist, Gynaecologist, Urologist or a Venereologist for a better understanding of your problems and concerns.


Our Final Advice to you:

As we have come to the end of your lucrative blog, all we have to tell you is “play safe”. Sex is great and it gets greater with the right partner, the intimacy, the preparations and almost everything we discussed in this blog. Everything from consent and communication to condoms and aftercare is important. Learning how to have sex for the first time is as important as how to do sex in each and every attempt!

In this blog, we have emphasised the importance of consent, communication, and safety in sexual experiences. We spoke of intimacy, positions, emotional elements, myths and so much more. At Wild Fantasy, our experts encourage you to take your time, communicate openly with your partners, and research further information as and whenever needed. Understand that sex is a personal and unique experience, and it’s important to approach it with respect and care. Doing this can help you elevate your sexual journey with your partner while achieving the complete satisfaction you desire!

If you are a first time sex explorer or if you are planning to invest in safe and efficient sex toys in Australia, visit us at Wild Fantasy, and take home the classiest pleasure inventions ever!