Aren’t we all intrigued by the perks of a dildo?

A dildo has conquered the sex toys industry over the past couple of years, with its presence in ancient times as well. As pleasure seekers, you might have questions like ‘What is a dildo’ or ‘How to use a dildo’ or ‘Where can I buy a dildo’?

At Wild Fantasy, we believe in the importance of understanding the ins and outs of your sex toys. Therefore, to elaborate further on the topic of dildos, we have broken down everything you have to know about these magical sex toys. This blog is the beginner’s guide to understanding a dildo.

Find out the core details on its purpose, how to use a dildo, the features, the maintenance and more! Read along to learn facts you’ve never imagined before!

What Are They?

Definition and Purpose:

Many of you may have the big question in your mind: “What is a dildo?’

Answering your doubt, a Dildo is a phallic shaped sex toy that mimics the shape of the human male penis. Dildos have been in the sex toy industry for over a couple of years. In ancient times, females would use wooden Dildos to pleasure themselves when their male counterparts were away.

Although wooden dildos are no longer used, the revolutionary era of sexual health and wellbeing has taken over the sex toy market, giving you an array of dildo options to choose from.

In the current times, it can be manually or battery operated according to your convenience. They come in a variety of textures like flesh, glass, rubber, silicone or metal, and can be used in both men and women.

Men use them to trigger their P-spots, while females work on their G-spots! Either way, Dildos have taken over the sexual explorations of many! And that sums up your question; “what is a dildo?”

Types of Dildos:

With the development of sex toys and the elaborative imaginations of sex toy manufacturers, numerous types of dildos that have arisen in the sex toy industry over the years.

Some common dildos in the industry are Realistic Dildos, Strap Ons, Glass Dildos, Vibrating Dildos and Novelty Dildos!

How do you choose the right dildo for you?

Material Matters:

Compare common materials like silicone, glass, and rubber, highlighting their pros and cons.

Similar to every other product we use, body safety plays a role in sex toys too! Most dildos are made of silicone, glass, rubber, and metal.

No matter what you choose, opt for non-porous dildos; meaning, they do not have holes. Non-porous sex toys are safer to avoid the transmission of bacterial infections. Also check to see if your dildo has ASB plastics, free from phthalates.

Size and Shape:

Most dildos are around 8 to 10 inches, with the ability to comfortably hold the dildo during manipulation. Will the entire dildo be inserted? Of course not! The insertion length differs from person to person. For some, this may be just 4 inches, while others can take in 6 inches. And it can change according to the insertion point (vagina or anus).

The shape of the dildo is usually phallic shaped, mimicking the human male penis. This is mostly with a thick shaft, a tapered tip, and a slight curve on the top. This shape can directly aim at the hot spots in your body!

Features to Consider:

Dildos may also have other features such as suction bases, vibrating shafts, temperature-controlled shafts and dual-density dildos.

How to Use a Dildo?


Understanding how to use your dildo is important! Mostly dildos are used for penetrations.

You can penetrate your G-spot and your P-spot depending on your gender. Alternating between speeds and intensities can help you explore what you like. Test out different positions, and also combine your dildos with different toys.

What you feel the first time may not be the same when you feel it the second time. Remember, practice builds perfections and in sex exploration, all we need is perfect climaxes!

No matter how you use your dildo, remember to be safe and secure at all times!  


At Wild Fantasy, our pleasure experts cannot stress the importance of using adequate lubrication when using a dildo! Lubrications or lubes are of various types such as silicone, oil-based, water-based, jelly and so much more.

However, our recommendation to you is the use of water-based lube, as it has a lesser risk of irritation in your intimate areas.

If you are looking for comfort and smoother insertion of your dildo, lube is your best friend! It will reduce friction as it glides inside you, making lovemaking more effortless and pleasurable. Take an ample amount of lube and lather it into your dildo and your insertion point.

Watch as the dildo glides in effortlessly and enjoy pleasurable stimulations!

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Insertion Tips:

Now this is a lesson of patience! Using your dildo, whether you’re a pro or a beginner, insertion must be done slowly! Listen to your body and proceed to a comfortable insertion!

Remember that rushing can be painful. Instead, enjoy every session and see how your body takes in every touch, every caress and every inch of insertion of the dildo! If you are using a dildo on your partner, be sure to check on their comfort every now and then!

Experimenting with Angles and Positions:

If you are new to dildos or sex toys in general, remember that shifting positions can elevate your sexual journey. It can give me different pleasures as your internal spots may receive different pressures when you place yourself differently.

Using a dildo can be done by hand (yours and your partners) and can also be done using a harness. You can explore pleasures by sitting, standing, laying down, extending your limbs, curling around, in the baby pose and so much more.

If you are getting into partnered play, you can also use your partner’s support to explore the multiple pleasures a dildo can give you!

How can you ensure safety and hygiene?

Cleaning Your Dildo:

With the different types of dildos we have in the market, we may have to be vigilant about the material it is made, and the possibility of transferring bacterial infections. In general, you must keep all your sex toys clean. Given the insertion techniques used with a dildo, dildos must be 100% clean.

Cleaning sex toys are not done just after the session. Instead, your sex toys must be cleaned before and after use. You can clean your toys in a few easy steps. For that use an antibacterial soap and lukewarm water to later your dildo.

Rinse well and use a lint-free cloth to dry your dildo and store them in a dust-free storage pouch, away from sunlight. If you are too cautious, spray some of your favourite Sex Toys disinfectant!

Dildos can be porous or non-porous depending on the material it is made up of. Most dildos are either silicone or glass.

Glass dildos are non-porous and safe. Silicone dildos can be non-porous, depending on the quality of silicone used. We always recommend that you use non-porous dildos, with ABS plastic, this is phthalate free.

Metal dildos are safe to use as well. Remember, porous means they can contain pores or holes. This can carry bacteria and can cause bacterial infections. So non-porous is always great!

Maintaining your dildo is not just great for your health but also for the health of your dildo itself. Better maintenance means a longer dildo life!

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Using Condoms with Dildos:

If you are planning to use your friend’s or relative’s dildo, remember to disinfect thoroughly and use a condom for extra safety.

Using condoms can save you from a lot of trouble, and can let you have a relaxed session! Prevention from STD's is better than cure. So condoms are a big YES!

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Listening to Your Body:

During sexual activities, remember, your body is your shrine! Listening to your body is as important as getting the right pleasure. Your body may love the dildo, or it may simply not like it at all.

It may also want more speed when stimulating your hot spots or would prefer the slow and steady pace. See! There is a lot more to the question ‘How to use a dildo?’ SO listening to your body’s demands is a lot more important than you think!

Remember, it’s a magical mantra only you can understand!

How can you enhance your experience?

Solo Play Tips:

Solo play is great! It’s the time and effort you put towards exploring all pleasure points in your body. A dildo focuses on your G-spots and your P-spots. Sometimes it might take time for you to find your spots or to adjust to your pace.

This is where you would have to take all the time in the world exploring your hidden treasures. You can also add more elements to the game by amplifying the ambience in the bedroom and making it more welcoming!

Partner Play Tips:

Want to spice up lovemaking with your partner? This is the way to go as your partner is going to love to see you squirm! Remember in partnered play, you need to communicate the involvement of a dildo, prior hand.

Make sure the consent is mutual and the whole act is completely pleasure based. Be comfortable and confident when trying the most used sex toy in Australia with your partner!

Please together, vibe together and climax together!

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Advanced Techniques:

Once partnered play is approved and you have passed many chapters with your favourite dildo, why not introduce advanced techniques like temperature play or vibrating dildos.

Yes, this adds a new level of pleasure to your lovemaking sessions. You can shift between dildo textures while also exploring sex toys such as clitoral vibrators and so on!

Common Concerns and FAQs

Even though we are progressing into the era of sexual wellness, there are common questions and concerns one might have when using a dildo. Here are some of the concerns we thought are worth discussing:

“Is it normal to feel nervous?” – Absolutely! If you are a beginner, any sex toy can be intimidating. However, as you step into the play and pleasure, your nervousness will disappear in no time!

“How do I know if I’m using the right amount of lube?” – Lube is great, especially if it’s water-based. This avoids irritation and skin sensitivity. However, using the right amount of lube can help with getting the perfect orgasms. Keep up the sensitivity and the pleasure game!

“What if I don’t enjoy it at first?” – Well yes, that can happen! First time experiences can be quite different. You may or may not like it. Or you may simply love it! Keep practising and exploring until you find the perfect spot that hits!

Our Moaning Conclusion to You:

Dildos are great sex toys if you learn to use them properly! Not only does it take up the form of a human penis, it also is controllable, manageable and can be used in solo and partnered play.

Learning how to use a dildo and its features can be essential for everyone planning to indulge in this generous act of pleasure. Remember, if you use your dildo effectively your P-spot and your G-spot are sure to respond with cries of intense pleasure!

In this blog, our experts at Wild Fantasy have taken every possible measure to make you understand ‘What is a dildo’ and ‘How to use a dildo’. Answering your last question, ‘Where can I buy a dildo’, we suggest that you consider choosing a trustworthy sex toy brand that has better reviews and ratings. Ask your friends and family around before settling in with a brand.

If you’re still not sure of your choices, you can trust Wild Fantasy to be your sex toy partners. We have a diverse range of sex toys from dildos to vibrators to anal toys and a lot more. In all our toys, we have highlighted the importance of comfort, safety, and personal exploration.

We also believe that as pleasure seekers you must be considerate of your pleasure and your partner’s glory. Therefore supporting you in your pleasurable voyage, Wild Fantasy is sure to be your guiding companion.

To explore the massive range of dildos and other sex toys, check out our Wild Fantasy website and find the perfect match for you!